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Enhance HR Confidentiality with Expert Redaction

Redact resumes and job applications quickly using our AI engine
Reduce hiring bias in recruitment by safeguarding candidate data
Supports compliance with privacy laws and ethical HR practices

Save 98% of Your Time
Compared to Using Adobe for Redaction

Our users spend only 2.5 minutes redacting a 10 page document

1. Upload a document to the platform
2. Use the AI wizard to confirm the items you want to redact
3. Download your file, ready for safe and compliant use

As a business owner, it’s important for me to prioritize the safety of sensitive client information that is shared with me. Finding a product like Redactable that can easily and permanently remove sensitive data from multiple documents with just a few clicks is a game changer in the legal and insurance industry! Using Redactable will give you peace of mind knowing that you are safeguarding client information while protecting valuable time during your busy workday. It’s a win-win, and I highly recommend Redactable!

Quote image of Sarah Dunbar Harper - Insurance & Legal Consultant
Sarah Dunbar Harper
Insurance & Legal Consultant

Easy to Use

Our intuitive Redaction Wizard guides you through the entire redaction process. No need for complex manuals or training.



Leverage the power of AI to rapidly identify and suggest sensitive data for redaction, streamlining your workflow with precision.


Permanent Redaction

Our redactions are real, not masked redactions that can be removed. With us, you can redact with confidence.


Teamwork Enabled

Collaborate seamlessly on large-scale redaction projects in real-time.


Best-in-Class Suite of Features

Redactable is the only tool you’ll ever need to redact all your documents.


Cloud-Based Platform

Redact anywhere, anytime from your browser without downloads.

Document Scrubbing

Thoroughly remove metadata and hidden elements for enhanced security.

OCR Capabilities

Transform scanned documents into editable formats for easy redaction.

Audit Trails & Certificates

Automatically generate certificates for accountability and compliance.


Built-in Integrations

Import your documents from services you use every day

Google Drive

Redactable software has simplified our open records process immensely.  Redactions for records release aredone quickly & efficiently with the aid of this software. The documents we release showcases another level of professionalism from our police department.

Tina Bloch
Administrative Services @ Ripon Police Department

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

Our pricing starts at $19 per month / user. You can add additional users to your account. When you choose annual billing, it costs $182 per year / user and you automatically save 20%.

Why is Redactable important?

After years of researching, we've figured out that many companies are not redacting their files properly. Many think that by putting a white or black box over their content is actually redacting it but in reality it doesn't always work. Our software solves this problem by permanently deleting the content behind the black boxes and ensuring that your confidential data cannot be uncovered.

Do I have to download anything?

Absolutely not. Redactable is web-based. You can use Redactable from any modern browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Is Redactable easy to use?

Definitely. We've made sure that our platform is very user friendly. We believe that redacting a document should be simple. We've built our Redaction Wizard to seamlessly guide you through the process so you increase productivity.

Can I redact my scanned documents?

Yes, our proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will automatically rebuild your scanned documents and convert them into electronic format.

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