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Explore the Best Online Redaction Services and Tools of 2022

Online Redaction services

Protecting your data is an essential point of consideration when transferring any information online. Handling sensitive information without adequate protection can cost you significantly, so you want to familiarize yourself with data redaction.

Online redact software will help you keep information safe, provided you understand how to implement the tools to secure maximum data protection.  Additionally, online redaction services establish a safe working pattern that not only secures your information for current viewership, but also for the future. 

In this article, we look at online redact software that helps you enjoy maximum privacy and data protection. This way, you can select a workable software that meets your data security needs. 

What Does Redaction Mean?

Why do you need to redact data if you have secure systems protecting your work? The truth is that sensitive documents may still make their way to the wrong hands through legitimate transfers, primarily if no internal regulations on data transfers exist.

For example, document transmission to other firms may be necessary to draft factually correct submissions if you work in a law firm. However, part of the information may be sensitive, say if it relates to a minor. 

Therefore, data redaction works by protecting parts of the document containing sensitive information while upholding the format and structure of the remaining parts of it. The redaction process enables you to deliver information confidently without worrying about privacy breaches and data disclosure to the wrong party. 

Why is Data Redaction Critical to Undertake?

Specific considerations will trigger the urgency to undertake data redaction, primarily if your business handles highly sensitive information. The following are reasons to consider and commit to a data redaction process for future projects. 

  • To Reduce the Possibility of Identity Theft

The digital era has resulted in a series of identity theft risks, especially if you are involved in transferring your or others’ identification details. For example, if you are a firm that handles clients' insurance coverage, you may have documents detailing their full names, ages, occupations, and areas of residence.

 In the wrong hands, the information can result in fraudulent activity and colossal losses for the involved party. To avoid this, you want to engage a trusted redacting service provider who will help you conceal sensitive personal details. 

By taking the extra step to protect others’ data, you also reduce your liability in case malicious practices arise. This can save your business from irreversible losses that may otherwise arise if an aggrieved party files a lawsuit. 

Overall, redaction provides a forward-looking solution to prevent identity theft cases in your business or even during personal information transfers.

  • To Protect Vulnerable Parties

Any information dealing with vulnerable parties should also prompt you to access Data Redaction Services. Doing so could mean the difference between protecting the parties throughout and exposing them to unwanted negative attention. 

For example, a witness protection list should encompass online redact measures to ensure that listed parties receive continuous protection. After all, exposing the details would defeat the entire purpose of the program, endangering a significant number of persons. 

Additionally, contract parties may choose to remain anonymous due to transactional concerns. Whatever the situation, you want to apply an online redact exercise for the benefit of the parties, enabling you to transact and communicate more securely. 

Data Redaction vs Data Masking :What is the Difference?

Notably, data redaction and data masking both involve concealing specific information for various purposes. However, a distinction exists between the two functions based on how the data concealment occurs. 

On one hand, online redacting involves concealing only specific parts of the sensitive information. Conversely, data masking processes alter the selected contents in the document and replace them with inaccurate information. 

Data masking masterminds typically have malicious intentions or act radically without researching additional facets. Either way, data masking can lead to misinformation or data misconstruing, which may raise its consequences.

Additionally, data masking may retain the same document structure, making it more challenging to uncover untrue information. Due to this, you need to remain vigilant and avoid falling victim to the malicious tactic. 

Instead, consider online redact processes that still maintain privacy integrity but handle sensitive information in a less unethical manner. 

When is Data Redaction necessary?

Understanding exactly how to undertake data redaction is critical to how to transfer information, especially if you are new to the entire process. With the right information, you will learn to protect your data even when transferring simple documents to uphold document integrity. 

Some situations that call for online redact include:

  • After Task Completion

Working on a task requires high concentration and focus levels, so you want to protect your work from malicious parties. For example, working on a concept to grow your business on an online document requires you to safeguard it. Failure to do so may lead to idea poaching and ultimate loss of business earning capacity. 

Alternatively, you may have worked on a write-up and are looking to submit it for editing or further assessment. If the document contains sensitive information that requires confidentiality, redaction is your go-to solution to help you protect the identities and details of vulnerable parties.

  • When Receiving New Data

Data reception is characterized by handling unknown contents, including potentially sensitive data. Subsequently, an online redact will enable you to protect the information upon receiving it until the authorized party has access to it. 

  • Before Deleting Data

Although deleting data limits access, malicious parties may regain the data and use it to commit fraud or spread misinformation. As a result, performing an online redact before data deletion ensures your information remains concealed to protect against potential sabotage. 

  • When Planning to Distribute Information

Further, information distribution should protect all sensitive data, especially when sending it to unverified parties. To uphold the confidentiality of issues, consider protecting the information of interest before sending the document. 

  • When Planning to Archive Data

Although archiving data removes it from constant circulation and reference, it remains within access. Failure to take protective measures toward the archived data through redaction will endanger the private details. 

Consequently, the unconcealed information may create problems in the future related to unauthorized parties using the information wrongfully. 

Examples of Online Redaction Tools

Multiple online redact tools are available online for use to safeguard your documents. Among them include:

  • Free Online Redact Tools

Without prior information about online react options, you are likely to use free online tools to help you redact sensitive information. While the option is widely accessible, it also exposes you to potentially malicious sites that copy your data when you submit it to the site. 

Consequently, these sites will have access to your private information in full, increasing the risk of breaches and unlawful use of information. Nevertheless, several trusted free online redact tools exist and include  PDF.Online and FreePDFredactor.

  • Online Redact Extensions

Alternatively, you can choose an online redact extension to help you protect your data online. These extensions work the same way as software or online website would, provided you download and install them on your device.

On top of this, you can access an online redact plugin to serve the same purpose by downloading it and applying it. Tools like Adobe Acrobat provide an excellent platform for redaction, thanks to the plugin that allows the function. 

Therefore, you continue to safeguard your information regardless of the document type. However, you will need to purchase the Adobe DC tool to access the online redact option, resulting in some expense considerations.

  • Subscription Redact Software

Lastly, you can consider opting into an online redact software under a subscription. Not only does the option guarantee you consistent availability of online redact services, it also lets you assess the software and opt out if necessary.

 On the other hand, continuous satisfaction with the software means you are ready to commit to the subscription, granting you reliable options when safeguarding your documents. An excellent option for online redact services is Redactable. The software provides unique and revolutionary redaction services that are guaranteed to help you uphold document privacy.

Try Redactable For All Your Online Redact Needs

Looking for a fully automated data redaction tool backed by a reliable software system? Redactable is your one-stop point that provides online redact services supported by continuous research on identifying natural human language. 

The result? You do not have to worry about whether the software can pick out your information accurately. Using an advanced Natural Language Processing system and Optical Character Recognition in the field, you can look forward to automated services that mirror natural language use. The element is important to maintain consistency and clarity during the redaction process.

Services Available When using Redactable

Redactable is a trusted online redact software that has helped clients protect their private documented information. Here are a few benefits of partnering with Redactable when seeking services:

  • Permanent Data Deletion

Noteworthy, data deletion works by removing access to the selected information. However, access to the deleted information is still possible through auto-recovery files in your device. 

Consequently, your sensitive information may still be accessible to malicious parties, leading to potential manipulation. 

The power of Redactable to permanently delete data during the online redact makes it more trustworthy and ensures you enjoy the assurance of continuous information protection. 

  • Access to Easy Collaboration

Furthermore, providing a platform that supports easy collaboration across teams that work together is necessary. This is because one party may need access to online redact processes after obtaining documents from a different department. 

Your workflow may suffer inconsistencies without proper collaboration systems, resulting in data protection gaps.

The readily accessible collaborative tool also gives you and your team tight security systems that prevent outside parties from obtaining the sensitive details you intend to redact. 

  • Unlocking New Work Possibilities

Thanks to the auto-redaction wizard available for your documents, you can work more efficiently and adjust multiple document pages simultaneously. This way, you do not have to worry about spending too much time securing sensitive information on your documents. 

Furthermore, you have the chance to decide on the best working strategies for your online redact process, giving you access to endless approaches towards keeping your documents safe. 

  • 24/7 Online Support

Having a reliable and accessible support team to handle your queries and issues around the clock is always advisable for ease of work. With Redactable, you enjoy the perks of having a 24/7 chat system that allows you to present any concerns about the tool. 

This way, you do not have to worry about time zones and live support accessibility when operating from different points of the world.  The live support team will therefore meet your needs and promote a smooth experience, giving you more value for your money. 

  • Access to Software Guides

Understandably, the Redactable software may not be familiar for use to everyone. As a result, you can access multiple software guides that help you better understand online redact processes. 

You will enjoy the easy-to-follow language and instruction procedures that help you debunk new software concepts. By completing the guides, you will be better versed with Redactable and can fully automate. 

Partner With Redactable for the Best Online Redact Services

Four Easy Steps to Redact Your Documents

By choosing Redactable as your online redact software, you have access to an easy, four-step process towards protecting your document. The process to follow requires you to:

  • Upload your document to redactable.
  • Use the fully automatic redaction tool, manual, or search tool to highlight the information to redact. 
  • Select the details you intend to redact and click once for the redaction process to conclude.
  •  Confirm that the information is well redacted and download your final document. 

Redactable Pricing

With a monthly commitment rate of $49.99, you receive access to all online redaction services from a highly dedicated team. On top of this, you enjoy a free trial session to the subscription with free cancellation anytime. 

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with ensuring that all your data is safe and accessible regardless of the transfers you make. With Redactable, you enjoy full-time online redact services that allow you to transfer your data without concerns. 

The unique redaction wizard sets the software above other redaction software, giving you access to continuous data protection online. Contact us today for more information on how to get started!

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