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Instantly Redact Resumes in One-Click with AI

The Best Redaction Software for Recruiters and HR Departments

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face today is protecting candidate and employee information to ensure compliance with privacy regulations. Any failure to safeguard personal information opens the door to legal action, fines, and a damaged reputation. Ethical practices and employment law also require recruiters to take steps to mitigate unconscious bias. No matter how well-intentioned you are, it’s difficult to eliminate preconceived notions completely.

To guarantee the security of sensitive information and remove bias from your hiring process, you need Redactable.

With our patented AI and easy-to-use redaction wizard, redacting resumes is quick and easy. Automate compliance and facilitate ethical hiring processes with just one click!

What Information Will Be Redacted From Resumes?

Redactable’s innovative redaction platform uses advanced algorithms to automatically detect and redact a wide range of personal information on resumes, including:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Personal photos
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Social Media Profiles/Links
  • Email Addresses

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From beginning to end, Redactable makes the entire process seamless and efficient, so you can spend less time redacting and more time finding great people.

AI Resume Redaction - Use Cases

Whether you need to redact resumes as a staffing and recruiting agency or an internal HR department, Redactable is here to help you.

Blind Recruitment and Blind Hiring

Blind recruitment and hiring is an approach to talent acquisition that lets recruiters focus on candidates' qualifications and experience rather than their personal characteristics. One way this is achieved is through a blind resume review.  

A blind resume review means recruiters and hiring managers only receive resumes for evaluation once all personally identifiable information, such as name, gender, nationality, and age, has been redacted.

Even with a high volume of applicants to process, Redactable’s AI resume redaction tool can rapidly and automatically conceal from reviewers any details that could spark unconscious bias and make an objective candidate evaluation possible.

Protecting Candidate Information From Unauthorized Eyes

Many countries have laws that require the strict protection of private data, and resumes often contain significant amounts of information that cannot be disclosed without consent. Accurately and completely redacting such information is vital, as failing to protect candidate data could leave you open to prosecution, lawsuits, or fines.  

However, manual redaction techniques can be time-consuming and prone to errors. A single redaction failure could lead to the accidental exposure of a candidate’s personal information, putting them at risk of discrimination, identity theft, or even fraud.

Luckily, these threats can be easily mitigated with AI redaction software like Redactable. Redacting candidate information from the start ensures no sensitive information is available for unauthorized access.

Keeping Existing Employee Information Confidential

Of course, internal HR departments must also ensure that existing employee information is kept confidential and redaction is a crucial line of defense when it comes to protecting the security of this private data. Resumes, performance reviews, medical records, and background check reports are all examples of documents where redaction should be applied to maintain employee trust and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

With Redactable’s AI wizard, you can be confident that sensitive information is consistently redacted across all your documents, reducing any risk of accidental disclosure.

Complying with HR Privacy Laws

The collection, storage, use, and transmission of private information belonging to employees and candidates is regulated by a variety of laws in different jurisdictions. One of the most well-known examples is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This EU law requires any business with personnel or customers residing within the European Union to take specific steps to carefully and consistently protect personal data. Similarly, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) are strict US regulations that protect the data of both consumers and employees.

With Redactable’s intelligent AI redaction wizard, protecting private information to ensure regulatory compliance becomes an easy, one-click process.

Frequently asked questions

Why is redacting resumes important?

Resumes often contain sensitive personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Redacting this information ensures the candidates’ privacy and prevents identity theft. Redacting resumes is also crucial for ensuring fairness in the hiring process. By removing names, genders, and ages, hiring managers can better focus on their candidates' qualifications and experience. Finally, laws such as the GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act mandate the strict protection of personal data. The best way to achieve this compliance is through automated redaction.

What information should be redacted from resumes?

Choosing what information to redact involves striking the right balance between disclosing information and protecting privacy. All personally identifiable information should be redacted from resumes. This includes details like names, addresses, age, gender, and personal photos. Eliminating this information from a resume helps to ensure the privacy of the candidate and can remove bias. Other types of data that should be redacted include the names of any schools or universities attended, as well as their social media profiles and email addresses.

How does resume redaction help with blind recruitment and blind hiring?

Blind recruitment and blind hiring are crucial components of fair hiring practices. By redacting personally identifiable information, you can prevent unconscious bias from impacting hiring and recruitment decisions. If you redact everything but the personal experience and qualifications of the candidates, it becomes nearly impossible for preconceived notions to impact the evaluation process.

Who can use Redactable to redact resumes?

Unlike other complicated, clunky, and fragile techniques, Redactable is designed with user-friendliness in mind from the ground up. Whether you are in a staffing and recruiting agency or an internal HR department, the straightforward interface of our AI resume redaction tool is the ideal solution for effective and efficient resume redaction.

Why is Redactable the best redaction software for recruiters, staffers, and HR departments?

Legacy software redaction methods have a steep learning curve and are also error-prone and slow. On the other hand, Redactable’s patented AI resume redaction software simplifies the work with a simple, step-by-step wizard that rapidly and consistently identifies and redacts all instances of sensitive information, even in documents thousands of pages long. Redactable also offers 98% time savings compared to Adobe’s solution. And, with Redactable’s automatic audit trail, you can always be sure that you’re in compliance with data regulations and HR privacy laws.

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