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7 Reasons why you should not use Strike through in Google Docs for Redaction

 Strike through in Google Docs

We deal with various documents almost every day and sometimes don’t want a piece of information from it to be presented when it’s published. And if the document is vast and has heaps of information to be omitted, we cover it, and that’s wise. 

Generally, if you create and edit documents on Google Docs,  like this article, you strikethrough it. Look at these snippets.

This process of hiding or obscuring sensitive information is called Redaction. There are different methods and tools to redact a document. You can cover a text or sentence by striking it through(the old-school way!), replacing with blanks, or redacting it with a dedicated tool. 

Every process has its pros and cons, and there are many tools for that, strikethrough Google Docs is one of them. Who does not know about Google Docs, right? They have a feature called Strikethrough. 

Let’s show you how to do strikethrough Google Docs step-by-step; if you use it frequently, then we have something better than that. Just stick with us till the end!  

What is Strikethrough Google Docs & why is it being used?

Strikethrough in google docs is a horizontal line through the center of a word or phrase in your document created by a font effect in Google Docs. The reader can still see the words you're striking through because the strikethrough line doesn't mask the content underneath it.

Readers can see and reverse changes other authors make to a document using this feature.

Since everyone involved in a project has direct access to read and alter a Google Doc, it is typical for it to have multiple contributors. 

As a result, instead of deleting text, you can modify it so others can compare your revisions. You can also use strikethrough to mark off items on a list or strike through paragraphs you've already read.

How to Strikethrough Google Docs [Step-by-step]:

You can use the strikethrough Google Docs feature from the format option in the menu. Here’s how-

Visit Google Docs - choose blank from the home page and a window will open like this. 

  • Select the sentence or text you want to strike through.
  • Click on the “Format” option from the menu as shown.
  • A drop-down menu will appear like this when you hover.
  • Float the cursor over the “Text” option.
  • Another drop-down will appear as shown.
  • From that list, click on “Strike-through”. Voila! It’s done.

*Bonus - You can do the same with using these shortcuts-

  • Windows users: Select the text > Press [Alt+Shift+5] > Done!
  • Mac users: Select the text > Press [Command
  • +Shift+X] > Done!

7 Reasons why NOT to use strikethrough in Google Docs 

You shouldn’t really rely on the Strikethrough Google Docs feature for obscuring text. It’s ok to do it for any informal document or just for the sake of deletion but it’s not recommended for serious implementations. Here’s why:

  1. Lack of true redaction: While strikethrough can hide text from view, it doesn’t truly redact it. This means that the text is still there and can be accessed by anyone with editing or viewing permissions, potentially compromising sensitive information. 

In contrast, redaction tools actually remove the text from the document, making it inaccessible to unauthorized users. 

  1. Difficulty in ensuring consistency: When using strikethrough, it can be difficult to ensure consistency across the document. If multiple people are working on the same document, for example, they may use different styles or colors for strikethrough, leading to confusion and inconsistency. 
  1. Potential for accidental removal: With strikethrough, it’s easy to remove text that you didn’t intend to accidentally. If you’re trying to strike a single word, you may accidentally select some additional text and inadvertently remove it. 
  1. Limited formatting options: Strikethrough Google Docs is a simple format, and there are only a few ways to customize it, e.g., changing the color or thickness. 
  1. Difficulty in tracking changes: It can be tedious to track changes when using strikethrough over time. If you’re trying to see how a document has evolved, it is difficult to tell if everything is just struck through.  These are few reasons why redaction is a better option.
  1. Suppose you’re working with sensitive information that needs to be kept confidential. In that case, it’s usually best to use a redaction tool to ensure the information is removed and can’t be accessed by unauthorized users, for good. 
  1. While Google Docs strikethrough can be used as a formatting option in certain situations, it’s not quite useful, secure, and reliable as redaction. Then, what to do? Well, we have dedicated redaction tools for that. 

If you’re looking for a tool to help you redact sensitive information in Google Docs easily and securely, our redaction tool is the perfect solution. Its intuitive interface makes removing sensitive content quick and easy without any hesitation or mistakes. 

Plus, our tool offers a wide range of formatting options to give your document the look and feel you want. So if you need redaction, believe us when we say we have you covered! Use Redactable!

Redactable - The Best Redaction tool 

Redactable is the perfect redaction tool for anyone who values security and ease of use. 

Designed with modern business needs in mind, this innovative platform offers a range of powerful features that make it easy to redact sensitive information from any document, regardless of its format or complexity.

Redactable's core is a powerful algorithm automatically identifying and removing sensitive information from any document. 

Whether dealing with personally identifiable information(PII), confidential financial data, or sensitive legal documents, it can help you redact this information quickly and accurately, minimizing the risk of data breaches. 

Apart from this, Redactable also offers a user-friendly interface with an interactive UI that makes it easy to upload and manage your documents. Whether it’s a single document or managing a large archive of files, you can easily upload, preview, and redact your documents in a jiffy! 

Reasons to choose Redactable over Google Docs

Google Docs might seem as a simple and accessible solution, but it’s not always the most secure and effective option. If you’re looking for a more powerful and reliable solution, you should consider Redactable. Here are some reasons why:

  • The Interface: Unlike Google Docs which can feel cluttered and overwhelming, Redactable streamlines the redaction process, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. 
  • Smart Wizard and Auto-Redaction: Redactable’s advanced wizard and auto-redaction features powered by futuristic AI algorithms make identifying and eliminating sensitive information from your documents easy.
  • Durability: With advanced encryption and security features to safeguard your data from spooky eyes, Redactable is built to last. Unlike Google Docs, which may be vulnerable to hacks and data breaches.
  • Collaboration: Bundled with features like version control and document locking, it becomes easier to collaborate with others. No risk of errors. No miscommunications total control!
  • Top-notch accuracy: Precision and accuracy can't be assured if you rely just on manual redaction. Redactable pairs automation with manual redaction to give you accuracy and reliability every time. 

The Verdict 

Strikethrough in Google Docs is not that effective and Redactable is much more user-friendly. Additionally, it has features like smart wizard and auto redaction which makes redaction process a lot easier. If you're looking for a reliable, top-notch redaction tool, Redactable is the perfect choice.

It’s important to consider the potential risk and limitations of using the strikethrough Google Docs feature to obscure text. As real as it gets when it comes to protecting your confidential data, a more powerful and reliable redaction tool is needed.

That’s where Redactable comes in. With everything it offers, Redactable is the ultimate solution for redacting sensitive information in your documents. It’s got something for everyone. 

Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise, Redactable offers a comprehensive solution that can is sub-par to your needs and requirements. Redactable is all in one solution to your redaction problems.

So, what are you waiting for? Get our free trial and start redacting. 

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