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How to Redact PDFs in Google Docs in 6 Easy Steps

google redact pdf

If you're unfamiliar with redacting, it's the process of hiding or obscuring sensitive information in a document. This is often done with government or legal documents before they're made public. But it can also help hide confidential information in business documents. There are a lot of different options out there for redacting pdf. One of the most popular choices is Google Docs. And one of the best features of Google Docs is the ability to redact text. 

There are various ways to redact text in Google Docs. 

  • The first is to use the built-in "find and replace" feature. Just go to the "Edit" menu and click "Find and Replace." Then, enter the text you want to redact in the "Find" field and leave the "Replace" field blank. Click "Replace all," and the text will be hidden.
  • Another option is to use the strikethrough feature. Choose the text you want to redact and click the "Format" menu. Then, click "Text" and "Strikethrough." The text will be hidden, but it will still be visible if someone clicks on the "Format" menu.
  • Finally, you can also use the built-in commenting feature to redact text. Select the text you want to redact and click the "Insert" menu. Then, click "Comment." A comment box will appear, and you can enter your redacted text. The text will be hidden, but anyone can view the comment by clicking on the "Insert" menu.

Redacting text in Google Docs is a great way to hide sensitive information. And it's a feature that everyone should know about.

Tips For Redacting PDFs in Google Docs

When it comes to redacting PDFs, Google Docs is a great tool to use. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of this feature:

1. Use the built-in redaction tool: Google Docs comes with a built-in tool for redacting PDFs. Open the PDF in Google Docs and click the "Edit" button to use it. Then, click the "Redact" option from the menu that appears.

2. Use the "Search by image" feature: If you're not sure where a particular piece of information is located in a PDF, you can use the "Search by image" feature to find it. To do this, open the PDF in Google Docs and click the "Edit" button. Then, click the "Search" icon (the magnifying glass) and select "Search by image."

3. Use third-party tools: Some great tools are available for redacting PDFs in Google Docs. Rasterize PDF is one option that allows you to convert PDFs to images, making them easier to redact. Another option is PDF Redactor, which offers a more user-friendly interface for redacting PDFs.

Whichever method you choose, redacting PDFs in Google Docs is a great way to keep your information confidential.

Advantages of Using the Google Redaction Tool

When it comes to managing sensitive information, redaction is a must. Google's redaction tool is a great way to ensure that confidential information remains confidential. Here are a few benefits of using this tool:

  • Easy to Use: The redaction tool is easy to use and can be accessed directly from Google Docs.
  • Time-saving: Redacting information manually can be time-consuming. The redaction tool automates the process and can save you a lot of time.
  • Cost-effective: The redaction tool is free to use. This can preserve you a lot of money, particularly if you must redact many documents.
  • Secure: The redaction tool is highly secure, ensuring that your information remains confidential.
  • Reliable: The redaction tool is reliable and accurate, ensuring that your information is redacted correctly.

Disadvantages of Using the Google Redaction Tool

If you're working on a sensitive document in Google Docs, you may want to redact certain information to protect the privacy of those involved. However, there are a few disadvantages to doing this.

  • Second, even after you've redacted the text, anyone who has access to the document can see that there was something there that was hidden. This may not be a big deal if the information is already public, but it could be a problem if you're trying to keep something completely confidential.
  • Finally, redacting a document in Google Docs doesn't delete the document's information. It just covers it up. So if someone were to obtain a copy of the document, they could potentially use special software to uncover the hidden information.

For these reasons, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons of redacting a document in Google Docs before you decide to do it.

Simple Step-By-Step to Using Google Redact Tool

  1. Upload the document you want to redact on google doc

  1. Open the PDF document you want to redact in Google Docs.

  1. Click on the "insert" tab at the top of the page. Click on the "Drawing" option.

  1. A new window will pop up. You will need to select the "text" tool in this window. Use the text tool to draw a black box over the text you want to redact. Once you have finished drawing the black box, click on the "Save & Close" button.

  1. Now place on the text you want to be redacted. Your PDF document will now be redacted.

  1. Lastly, download your redacted document as a pdf.

Best Practices For Redacting With Google

When it comes to redacting, there are a few different ways to go about it. Here are a few best practices to follow when redacting in Google Docs.

1. Use the "Find and Replace" function. This is a quick and easy method to replace all instances of a word or phrase with a blank space. Put in the word or phrase you want to redact, then replace it with a blank space.

2. Use the "Suggestions" function. This function will allow you to suggest edits to the document, which can then be approved or rejected by the document owner. To use this function, click on the "suggestions" button and then make your edits.

3. Use the "Comment" function. This function allows you to leave comments on the document, which can be helpful in collaborating on a redaction. Click on the "Comment" button and then leave your comment.

4. Use the "Hide Text" function. This function allows you to temporarily hide text, which can be helpful for redacting large text sections. To use this function, highlight the text you want to hide and click on the "Hide Text" button.

5. Use the "strikethrough" function. This function allows you to strike through text, which can help indicate which text has been redacted. To use this function, highlight the text you want to strike through and click on the "strikethrough" button.

Google Docs vs Redactable

If you're looking for a way to protect your PDF documents from unwanted eyes, you may be wondering whether to use Google Docs or Redactable. Both have their benefits and features, so choosing the right one for your needs is essential.

Google Docs PDF Redaction is a free service that allows you to remove sensitive information from your PDFs. This is ideal if you need to share your document with someone but don't want them to see specific information. Upload your PDF to Google Docs and select the "Redact" option from the "Tools" menu to use this service.

Redactable PDF Redaction is a paid service that offers more features than Google Docs PDF Redaction. With Redactable, you can redact documents in any browser. It is easy to use and simple to comprehend. Your social security number, bank account information, pictures, contact information, house locations, and other sensitive information are all recognized by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. You can also control who can see and access your document. 

This is ideal if you need to share your document with multiple people but only want certain people to be able to see specific information. To use this service, upload your PDF to Redactable and select the "Redact" option from the "Tools" menu.

If you need to redact a few items in a PDF, then doing it in Google Docs may be the quickest and easiest option. You can open the PDF in Google Docs, select the text or images you want to redact, and then delete them. However, if you need to redact a large number of items or if you need to ensure that the redacted information is genuinely hidden, then a dedicated PDF redaction tool like Redactable is a better option.

The best approach for redacting a PDF depends on your specific needs. If you need to redact a few items, Google Docs may be the way to go. However, the redactable tool may be the better option for more complex jobs.

Some key features that make redactable unique

  • The Interface

You can filter out certain sections of your document with the handy draw tool and choose which information to redact using the pattern tool, including entire SSNs.

  • Collaboration

You may work on projects with your coworkers through collaboration, and you can quickly resolve redaction issues. Having all of your coworkers work on the same project with simple edits and accessibility can save you endless hours. Add a note to the redaction indicating who made it and when. Include as many seats in your plan as you buy.

  • The Wizard and Auto-Redaction

The Wizard of Redactable introduces auto-redaction! Use the auto-redact feature to automatically erase all private information from a document. An average of 2.5 minutes are spent by users redacting a 10-page document.

  • Permeance

In contrast to previous redaction programs, Redactable does not obscure material with a black bar, which is simple for hackers to erase. Instead, it completely removes the information from documents in order to redact them forever.

  • Trust

If you have a reliable customer list, you can be sure that your data is safe and protected.

Why Redactable Is a Better Redaction Tool Than Google Doc 

Here are a few more reasons why redactable is a better option than google doc

  • Redactable is more accurate. When it comes to redacting, accuracy is critical. You don't want to leave important information visible accidentally. Redactable is more accurate than Google Docs. This means you can be sure that no sensitive information will be left un-redacted. Redactable offers more control over the redaction process. This can be helpful if you ensure that certain information is not accidentally revealed. So you can be sure that your sensitive information will be hidden.
  • Redactable has more features. Google Docs does have a lot of features to choose from, but they are chiefly fundamental. Redactable, on the other hand, offers various features that make redacting documents much more accessible. For example, you can redact various types of information, such as phone numbers or email addresses, images, bank statements, etc.
  • Redactable is regularly getting updated with new features and enhancements, ensuring that you always have the finest experience.
  • Redactable is easy to use and makes the redaction process quick and simple. It has a sleek interface that is straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • Redactable removes data permanently; it does not mask it.


Google Docs is unquestionably a useful tool that offers numerous options for editing PDF files. In comparison to Google Docs, Redactable is the top online redaction tool for keeping your information secure. 

Redactable allows users to redact documents using any browser. It is straightforward and simple to use. To identify sensitive information like your social security number, bank account information, photographs, contact information, home addresses, and more, using AI built on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

With Redactable, you can delete data permanently and not just mask it, which is easy for hackers to remove from documents. The collaboration tool allows you to work on projects and solve redaction-related problems fast. Also, you can automatically remove all confidential information from a document with the auto-redact feature.

All these features packed into one neat piece of software have been the proud work of years of research and production. Then why wait? Try it out right now like thousands of cherished clients have!

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