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Redaction software comparison: Top 8 Redaction software to make Redaction easier

Redaction software comparison

The security and privacy of your documents are vital for you and your business in this digital age. Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your documents and essential records is crucial because of the sensitive information transmitted online.

As for almost everyone, document security may also be a significant concern for you because of the ever-increasing hacking and cybercrimes.

Maintaining your documents' privacy in this digital age has become challenging, and redacting your document's sensitive information can protect it.

In this article, I will compare the top nine redaction software and pick the best one for you.

What is Redaction?

Redaction or PDF redaction refers to masking, removing, or simply blacking out sensitive or confidential information from a PDF document to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information to unauthorized individuals.

It involves covering or blacking the sensitive information in a PDF document using a redaction tool. The redaction tool protects the crucial information and removes the associated metadata and ensures that the redacted information cannot be recovered.

Redaction is most commonly used in legal and government settings where personal details, classified information, and financial information must be protected. Your business can also use Redaction to protect sensitive information from competitors or the public.

Why is PDF redaction software important for you?

Pdf redaction software protects sensitive and confidential information in your documents. It provides an efficient and secure way to redact sensitive information. Here are the reasons why;

  • Security: PDF redaction software ensures that the redacted information is permanently removed from the document and cannot be recovered. This is important to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Accuracy: PDF redaction software ensures that sensitive information is accurately removed or masked from a document without any chance of human error.
  • Compliance: Many industries, such as legal and government, have strict regulations regarding handling sensitive information. PDF redaction software ensures compliance with these regulations.
  • Speed: Redaction software can quickly scan through large volumes of documents and redact sensitive information in seconds or minutes.
  • Cost-Effective: Redaction software can save time and money by streamlining the redaction process and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Pdf redaction software is essential for anyone who needs to protect their sensitive information and handle it securely, efficiently, and quickly without the risk of human errors.

Top 9 Redaction software comparison

In electronic documents, the redaction technique is more efficient and secure as it permanently removes sensitive and confidential information from your records without requiring manual redaction, which requires you to use a black marker to hide the information.

But for electronic Redaction, you require an excellent redaction tool, and here are the top nine redaction tools for you to go with and the best one among them for you.

1. Caseguard

Caseguard is one of the most powerful redaction tools available today. Caseguard offers effective redaction for your documents, images, and audio and video files.

Caseguard also offers transcription, translation, and also bulk redaction.

Here are the features of Caseguard:

  • Caseguard can redact any document irrespective of the industry or business. It includes deleting sensitive data like bank records, health records, email IDs, tax forms, and other sensitive personal and business data.
  • Caseguard allows you to quickly, reliably, and conveniently edit, redact, and translate crucial information in files.
  • Caseguard also offers automatic bulk redaction, which enables the systematic and quick removal of sensitive information from thousands of documents, audio, video, and images.
  • Caseguard lets you quickly and automatically remove sensitive or confidential information from many documents, images, etc.

2. Oracle Data Redaction software

Oracle data redaction enables you to mask or redact sensitive and confidential data with sophisticated real-time blockage. Oracle's advanced security suite also allows you to conceal the data for specific application inquiries to comply with rules such as PCI, SOA, DSS, etc.

Here are the key features of Oracle data redaction software:

  • Oracle's data redaction software is ideal for applications with a high data modification rate.
  • Oracle redaction allows you to look for and remove emails and many other data patterns which are expression based.
  • Oracle data redaction provides confidential information using on-the-go selective masking before your application displays a database query result.
  • Oracle data redaction software allows you to completely, partially, or arbitrarily redact confidential data. For example, to hide a particular part of a list in a document.

3. Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe acrobat professional is also one of the best redaction tools and is renowned for its smooth and effective Redaction of sensitive data in pdf documents. Through Adobe, you can also redact concealed sensitive information.

Adobe acrobat pro also lets you redact other forms of files like videos, images, etc.

Features of Adobe acrobat professional:

  • You can look for structured documents' phrases, words, patterns, etc., and redact them through Adobe.
  • Before you distribute a pdf file, Adobe also gives you the feature to "sanitize documents" to remove any portion of sensitive information.
  • Once you do the Redaction with Adobe, you can overlay the redacted things with colored boxes, redaction codes, colorful figures, or personalized text.
  • You can also remove all the concealed metadata, author's name, hyperlinks, overlays, etc.

4. Egress Respond

Egress Respond is also among the market's most powerful and agile redaction tools. One of its key features is automating email redaction before sending it to the recipients. Egress Respond operates as a cloud mail server.

Here are the features of Egress Respond:

  • Egress Respond is perfect if your business is required to adhere to strict laws and regulations regarding data privacy.
  • Egress response is highly compatible with Microsoft Outlook and provides smooth Redaction for Outlook files.
  • Egress Respond automatically protects sensitive and confidential data with robust message-level encryption.
  • Egress Respond is highly compatible, and you can use it on your Android or iOS on your mobile devices through its mobile application.

5. Extract Redaction (ID Shield)

The extract is said to have the fastest, most-accurate redaction software, ID Shield. The Extract Redaction ID Shield solution guarantees a post-verification accuracy of 99% and stays up-to-date.

The features of Extract Redaction's ID Shield:

  • As said above, Extract Redaction is 99% accurate and is quick, systematic, and economical indexing and redaction software.
  • Extract Redaction's interface is simple, easy to use, and very intuitive, so you can quickly modify and add redactions.
  • Extract Redaction ID Shield offers smart document redaction and advanced data extraction capabilities.
  • Extract Redaction has a convenient and configurable analytics panel.

6. e-Redact

e-Redact is a quick and secure redaction software that instantly removes sensitive and confidential information from your files. The Redaction through e-Redact is also irreversible.

Features of e-Redact:

  • e-Redact can assist your business in complying with the GDPR act, DPA, EIR, and many other data privacy laws and regulations.
  • Unlike manual Redaction, Redaction with e-Redact is fast, secure, and efficient.
  • e-Redact is a good option for you if you want to delete unusual formulations and specific terms and phrases quickly and intelligently.
  • e-Redact supports formats like standard digital documents, scanned outputs, database reports, and other data sources.

7. Text IQ Redaction software

Text IQ uses artificial intelligence to redact the data, which includes sensitive and confidential information from pdf documents. With Text IQ redaction software, you ensure your business complies with GDPR, PCI, DSS, and other regulations.

Key features of Text IQ Redaction software:

  • AI backs text IQ and is a very effective and speedy solution for data redaction from your pdf documents.
  • With Text IQ, you can quickly detect and automatically remove confidential or sensitive information from pdf documents.
  • Text IQ provides you with digitized, filtering, quick assessment and removes data from high-volume documents with unstructured data.
  • Text IQ is very secure and safe with its AI-backed engine that detects and removes confidential and other sensitive information concealed deep within your business's data.

These were some of the best redaction software comparisons. Now let's know more about another redaction software which is better in many ways than the eight mentioned above. 

8. Redactable

Redactable is an online cloud-based redaction software backed by the power of artificial intelligence to instantly and smoothly redact your videos and images and redact or protect the confidential information in your documents.

Redactable has an automated redaction feature that lists sensitive information that must be redacted immediately, saving you time, effort, and resources. Redactable is the foremost and leading choice amongst redaction software.

Redactable also lets you undo or reverse the redacted documents. It is backed by advanced AI technology and a lot of research and improvement in the OCR and NLP domains.

Features of Redactable:

  • Redactable uses its expertise in OCR, NLP, and sentiment analysis methods to provide users with a better user experience than other redaction software; it requires significantly less effort and does not compromise data privacy, i.e., Redactable is safe, secure, and reliable.
  • Redactable also removes any risk of cyber-attacks or virus attacks because it uses cloud-based technology. Redactable provides top-of-the-line security features if you choose Redactable's enterprise plan.
  • Redactable also has a Redaction Wizard feature which offers the convenience of single-click redaction of documents containing many pages. For the Redaction of every ten pages, Redactable's redaction wizard feature only takes two and a half minutes of your time.
  • Before you share or distribute your pdf files, Redactable permanently removes sensitive information, hidden elements, and all the metadata from your documents.

Why is Redactable the right choice for you?

Redaction software can be helpful for you if you want to remove sensitive information from your documents. Redacting a document helps maintain your privacy and maintain the privacy of others as well, and Redactable does that very well.

The reasons why Redaction is the best Redaction tool for you to use:

  • Redactable is highly user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Redactable is also light on your pocket, with its monthly plans starting at only $39/month, making it the most affordable redaction tool available on the market.
  • Redactable has various features, making it the most versatile redaction tool.
  • Redactable can redact not only pdf documents but also images and other documents.

Pricing of Redactable

Redactable offers three types of monthly and annual plans for users.

  • Pro monthly plan: This plan is billed at $39/month and offers features like no page volume cap, AI-powered redaction features, built-in OCR, 24/5 support, and you can redact up to 40 documents/month.
  • Pro annual plan: This plan is billed at $375/year and offers features like no page volume cap, AI-powered redaction features, 24/5 support, built-in OCR, and you can redact up to 480 documents/month.
  • Pro plus monthly plan: This plan is priced at $89/month and provides features like the pro plan, but the document redaction limit increases to 150 documents/month.
  • Pro Plus annual plan: This plan is priced at $854/month and provides the same features as the Pro Plus plan, with a document redaction limit of 1800 documents/month.
  • Enterprise monthly and annual plans: For the pricing of both plans, you can contact the Redactable sales support team. This plan includes all the features of the Pro and pro plus plans and some additional features like cloud deployment and access to Redactable's API.


Document redaction software can be handy to redact your documents, videos, images, and many other types of files. Document redaction software can simplify the redaction process and is secure and efficient, unlike manual Redaction.

Redaction software can also ensure your data privacy and the data privacy of others as it effectively redacts or hides sensitive and confidential information from your images, files, and documents.

Redaction platforms can also be helpful to you for various data privacy rules and regulations compliance for your business. But with robust redaction software, you can comply with the regulations, hide sensitive data, and effectively delete the associated metadata.

In this article, I've made various redaction software comparisons; they all have an excellent set of features like data security, bulk redaction, etc. The platforms discussed above work well for a business, big or small.

But the platform that stands out the most is Redactable. With its unique features like the redaction wizard, versatility, advanced encryption algorithms for data privacy, and simplicity, Redactable can be your best choice.

If you prioritize your document security and want to secure and safeguard sensitive information, Redactable can be your game-changer. Redactable enables you to take charge of your document security and gives you the satisfaction that your document is protected.

So learn more about Redactable and take charge of your document security.

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