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What is Read to know if it's worth it

All of us share and exchange documents daily. Do you hesitate to share any sensitive data before forwarding a document? Depending on the situation, it could be anything from bank account information to social security numbers to email addresses to the phone number. 

This information is also stored in our office files and some confidential materials.

Wouldn't it be great if we could quickly clean up the personal information or sensitive data from documents before sharing them? That is why redacting the paper is essential. There are many popular AI applications in the market, but people prefer

safety and improve quality with redaction

We will walk you through how to use the Chrome extension to sanitize information that may be considered PII or sensitive data in any document you have opened in Chrome. We will also discuss its features, pricing plans, and the best alternative.

What is offers contract review and redaction services. Users can integrate document intelligence features into applications using the API. API methods are available for privacy, legal, and document management. Hence it makes developers, land owners, and commercial businesses' jobs easy.

Secure contracts and company information

Combining legal knowledge and Artificial Intelligence technology, has become a popular tool for every company to streamline NDA review processes, provide accurate legal advice, and avoid bottlenecks to ensure timely business completion. 

In a nutshell, a multidimensional analysis of your legal documents is conducted by taking into account the entire context of each clause. This way, you will be able to secure your sensitive data.

This tool works on an algorithm trained dedicatedly with legal knowledge. So you can get professional advice on your contracts from their output and save time. supports various operating systems and web browsers, so you can access your analyzed documents wherever you are. 

You can also take advantage of their cloud computing platform to analyze your contract on the go, minimizing the use of your device's resources. They ensure the security of your data (We will discuss this part later in our article). Moreover, their system encrypts every data transmission, and they do not keep your files after you delete them. 

Pricing Plans of

  • The Starting Price of this tool is $19 per user per month.
  • They have a Free Version available. 

Starters Plan

7-days full function access

$0.99 (Free Trial for 7 days)

Basic Plan


Business Plan


Upcoming Enterprise Plan



  • Document Redaction

Protect your valuable information by removing sensitive information quickly and easily.

  • Compare

Ensure the final document is what you expected by comparing two different digital documents side by side.

  • Review

You can accelerate the contract review process and reduce business risks before signing a contract. This way, you save time during the process.

How Does Help You?

It not only helps in data security but also acts as a feasible tool for data extraction. This ai powered technology is useful in many businesses. It is best to increase productivity in the team, securing critical information and saving valuable time. It helps you to improve the quality of your service too.

  • Improve Productivity

The goal of is to improve how businesses handle their documents. The automated discovery and Redaction of sensitive data allows you to focus on the core activities of your business.

explore the ability to protect the legal documents
  • Comply With Data Requirements

Maintaining customer privacy is very important to protect PII (personally identifiable information) and PHI (personal health information). A public release of such data would lead to substantial legal repercussions. 

It's proven that saves you time and money in this process, allowing you to comply with GDPR or HIPAA regulations.

  • Collaboration among team members

You can improve your business efficiency by collaborating on documents simultaneously over the Internet. Any authorized user can access all files from anywhere through the cloud.

But there is one thing to note; by installing their extension, you agree to Privacy and Terms So make sure to read the terms before you install the extension.

Now that you know what this tool offers and what features will benefit you let's talk about its product line.

  • Sensitive data discovery

You can easily search your sensitive unstructured data for complete privacy compliance. Using this technology, you can discover, redact, and eliminate sensitive information within your data ecosystem quickly and easily. 

The tool enables users to take control of their files and protect sensitive information before it is too late.

  • iDox Redact

This is the essential product offered by box, as it offers multiple features.

  • You Can Find Out a Lot With Auto Redaction

With just one click, you can find sensitive information in your document using Redaction.

  • You can Put an end to worrying about data leaks.

Use this redacting tool to protect your sensitive information. With Redact, you can remove sensitive information from large volumes of documents quickly.

  • Instantly sanitize your documents.

You can automatically redact sensitive information in your documents without having to manually do it. You can sanitize documents and protect your valuable information with this tool.

  • Protect your privacy and sensitive information

This is the best way to protect your sensitive information without compromising the quality of your work. 

  • You can Keep your documents safe from prying eyes.

Digital documents are prone to accidental disclosure. But Redact helps you to eliminate unintentional disclosure of sensitive business information.

How Does it Work?

You can reduce risks for your business by accelerating contract reviews. understands your difficulties and the situations that you're trying to resolve. It aims to simplify your daily routines in handling tons of contracts while maintaining the same, or even better, performance. 

Step 1: Compare pdfs

Track changes to your documents and compares different versions

With, you can compare two documents side by side in the quickest and most straightforward manner possible. You can see detailed differences in just seconds after uploading your PDF or Word document!

You can compare two versions of your document on this platform to ensure that the final version matches your expectations. As a result, you will avoid embarrassing mistakes, and your customers will have a better experience.

Step 2: Easily track changes

Check for changes between drafts and the final version with Compare. Save time and money by comparing two versions of your doc in real time with a simple proofing tool.

Step 3: Confirm the final copy

Occasionally, it's easy to overlook what you agree to. If there are any changes between the draft and final copy, you can quickly spot them with compare.

Step 4: Find out what changes have been made.

You can check to see what changes have been made and ensure they are still in line with your requirements.

Safety and Security

In order to protect customer data and systems, strives to provide the industry's most secure solutions. There are many ways to protect data and systems, including:

  • Security of contract information to prevent unauthorized access.
  • The security of products is guarded against and/or dealt with quickly in the event of any security issues.
  • A cloud security solution ensures the safety of your online data.
  • Security is one of the many reasons people, enterprises, and cross-industry alliances turn to solutions.
Sign, create and export legal contracts

In terms of security iDox offers:

  1. Security of documents

With, contract authors can upload contracts and implement various security measures, such as encryption, access control for sharing, and privacy ownership. Using, organizations and individuals can effectively protect their information, both through ease of use and power.

  1. Encryption's security standards are supported by the following:

  • 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Access Control for sharing

By protecting documents with passwords, users can prevent unauthorized viewing. They can also establish access controls on documents to prevent unauthorized changes, printing, or alterations.

  1. Privacy Ownership

For the entire process of purchasing or subscribing, collects and processes your data. Your personal data will only be passed on or transmitted if it is necessary to execute the contract, bill you, or if you have previously agreed.

Our service providers may only use data transmitted in this way to fulfill their tasks. Any other use of the information is prohibited to protect your privacy.

  1. Cyber Security

In addition to contract security, recognizes that the web service can be a target of attacks, so they take their web security seriously. Therefore, they have adopted industry-standard security measures and processes to ensure the analysis process is secure. 

They also added features and capabilities to the contract analytics service to safeguard user data in specialized circumstances.

  1. Best Practices for Security

The solutions are developed under the supervision of an internal process that incorporates industry best practices. 

Their software engineering practices include design, development, testing, and verification. Moreover, they simulate known attack vectors in automated environments, ensuring that security vulnerabilities are quickly discovered and remedied.

Additionally, a dedicated team of security experts monitors, troubleshoots and verifies the entire process in addition to a dedicated team of experienced security professionals.

  1. Preventing cross-domain attacks

It is acknowledged by that cross-domain resource access poses inherent risks, a feature of the PDF standard itself. Still, it can also be exploited by attackers to get malicious code fragments or other resources into a user's system. Due to this, has disabled such access by default and advises users not to enable such a feature in their browsers.

  1. Cloud Security provides cloud services that enhance the capabilities and user experience of its End User Productivity solution. These services are continuously monitored for availability, performance, and security.

  1. Keeping data centers secure

Windows Azure Cloud Services (Azure), a tier-4 data center that maintains strict controls around data center access, fault tolerance, environmental controls, and security, manages all cloud services.

A limited number of employees, cloud service provider employees and contractors with a legitimate, documented business area are allowed access to the secure sites in the multi-zone, USA.

  1. Encryption and privacy of data

All information transmitted between the users and the cloud services is fully encrypted with 256-bit AES over HTTPS.

Customers' data is only accessed by iDox employees and trusted vendors to perform specific business functions or as required by law. iDox does not provide direct or systematic access to government agencies.

IDox is an effective tool with multiple features. But let's segregate the points into PROS and CONS to have a better understanding. 


  • Platform supported: SaaS / Web
  • They have an online support system with dedicated hours
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free version available 


  • Business Hours may not be feasible for everyone
  • They do not provide 24/7 Live Support
  • API Issue
  • Documentation, webinar, and in-person training are not available

So what is the best alternative that can provide you with every feature at a competitive price? It's Redactable!

Redactable: The Best Document Redaction Tool

If you want to become a pro at Redaction and never make a mistake again, then you must get Redactable. They provide you with all the tools you need without the need for any training. So let us discuss their pricing plan and better features:

Pricing Plan for Redactable:

Pro Plan

$49 /mo/seat

  • It is Billed Monthly
  • Unlimited Redactions
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Automated Redaction Features

If you need their plan for Enterprise purposes then you need to contact them.

Enterprise Plan Includes:

  • All Pro features
  • Access to our API
  • Deployed on your cloud

Redactable is an all-in-one redaction tool powered by the magic Redaction Wizard. So what does it offer to keep your document secure and safe?

Redaction Workflow

You can make sure your redactions are well-organized with this tool. This redaction software makes it easy to manage and work on redaction projects, from task management to hierarchical review.

Collaborative Redaction

This is a cloud-based platform that allows you to collaborate and redact documents simultaneously with colleagues.

How to redact using this tool?

Average users only need to spend 2.5 minutes redacting a whole 10-page document.

First, download Redactable and begin with an Upload button. Follow the steps given below to redact the document properly:

Step 1:

You can upload a document to the platform. A redactable wizard icon shows options for manual, patterns, search text, and automatic.

Step 2:

The Redaction Wizard helps you find the information you need. The redactable redact icon shows a document with redacted text.

Step 3:

Select the items you wish to redact. The redactable download illustration displays the text "Congratulations! It means your document has been redacted".

Step 4:

Now click on the download button to download the document and use it further.


  • Easy to use

The Redaction Wizard guides you through the entire redaction process. There is no need for complicated manuals or training.

  • Permanent redaction illustration

The redactions the tool makes are real, not masked redactions that can be removed. Hence, you can redact your documents with confidence.

  • Cloud-based documents illustration 

The cloud makes it easy to redact documents from any browser. There is no need to download or install any plugins. With Redactable, you can redact anything, anywhere, anytime

  • Organized documents

Redactable makes sure to keep your redactions organized. Our redaction software makes it easy for you to manage tasks and set up documents in:

  1. Folders
  2. Version Control
  3. Tags
  4. Projects
  5. Stats

  • Easy setup at any scale

Whether you're working on a large redaction project or setting up a review process, this tool makes it easy for you.

  • Document scrubbing

This tool removes any hidden metadata and elements of the document to ensure that the Redaction is permanent.

  • A built-in artificial intelligence system

Using their advanced AI features, you can automatically detect confidential information in your document or search for the terms you want to remove.

  • Easy Integrations

For easy document management, import your existing documents from Box or Dropbox using a redactable feature.

  • Redaction Certificates

It is possible to track who redacted at what time by automatically generating redaction certificates.

To ensure all parts of the redaction process are secure and that redactions are permanent, redactable believes that the document redaction should be easy, user-friendly, and efficient. 

Their laser focus allows them to reduce human error in the redaction process while increasing productivity. You no longer have to worry about time-consuming workarounds that still expose sensitive information!

Redactable is a web-based application for redacting confidential documents permanently. Redactable automates Redaction using machine learning to identify keywords, phrases, or patterns that are likely to be confidential. 

By setting up an automatic search for PII, PHI, and other sensitive data, users can remove them securely in seconds.

Sign with efficient automation and secure contracts

You can use this tool for various industries. Some of them include Legal, Finance, Real Estate, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, business handle, etc. You can talk to their experts for multiple languages support as well.

In contrast to other tools on the market, Redactable does not require a plugin or add-on to work. The only thing we focus on is secure document redaction.

So visit their website and secure your documents today!

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