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Document Redaction Services: Redact Private Information

Document redaction services

Document redaction refers to the process of blocking out private and sensitive information from documents. The primary goal of document redaction services is to maintain the confidentiality of documents along with supporting data anonymization. From preventing leaks and identity theft to ensuring that information doesn't get misused, professional redaction services will always come to the rescue.

Businesses depend on document redaction services to protect the private information of clients along with hiding certain company information from public records. If you are hunting for the best document redaction service, we are here to offer you the perfect solution. But before that, let's talk more about the benefits of redaction software and more.

Benefits of a Document Redaction Software Solution


The main benefits of a redaction software solution are as follows:

  • Data security: Safeguarding sensitive documents is crucial in a world where data theft from documents in electronic format is becoming important. Data security is crucial as a personal requirement as well as for establishing a point of trust between organizations and clients.
  • Functionality: The use of electronic documents is becoming crucial in almost every institution. Therefore, redaction has become an essential and daily process. Efficient document redaction service is important for tackling mass data and paperwork with ease. Efficient document redaction services can save time as well as human resources.
  • Regulatory compliance: Data breaches and privacy concerns have brought forward the need for regulatory practices to become more firm about protecting user data. Even for non-digitized files, data redaction is crucial for user protection. Since avoiding data redaction can be a costly mistake for companies, organizations are making it a part of their regulatory protocol.

Industries that can use Professional Redaction Services

Permanently applied redaction services are used by multiple industries for GDPR compliance. The top industries where high volumes of data need to be protected using data redaction services are as follows:

Government and Legal Offices

Government and legal officials moving around with files labeled confidential information has become a cliched representation in popular culture. Government and law offices that deal with sensitive information are in daily need of automated redaction services. Thanks to automated redaction tools with AI technology, dealing with sensitive information, including video evidence, has become a piece of cake for government and legal institutions.

Financial Services

Financial companies deal with enormous chunks of sensitive information on a daily basis. From social security numbers to phone numbers of every client, reliable financial institutions ensure that customer data is stored safely.

At times, financial services also extract personal data from mass client databases. Therefore, a document redaction tool with a quick turnaround time is crucial for them.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Organizations


Patient-related paperwork is a lengthy process for healthcare and pharmaceutical services. Since every patient document is filled with personal information, redaction services are a necessity.

Clinical trials are also becoming a prominent market for redactions. Automated redaction services can reduce countless person-hours in the pharmaceutical industry.

Travel and Tourism

Travel agencies and tourism businesses also deal with massive amounts of customer data, including passport numbers and ticket information. Redacted documents are becoming more prominent in the industry as it is expanding at high speed.

IT Operations

The IT industry deals with massive amounts of data. Therefore, document sanitization and data security are one of their primary concerns. The removal and protection of confidential information are extremely crucial for an IT company to operate. Therefore, a redaction company that supports


With the exponential growth of the e-commerce industry, the need to handle personally identifiable information professionally is also significant. The leakage of customer data makes clients lose trust and degrades the reputation of an organization. Due to extreme competition in the space, secure storage of data is what will make an e-commerce company reliable.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies deal with sensitive data that must be protected from the public eye. The document redaction process is important for maintaining databases and smoothly using documents within their network.

Steps for Data Redaction


The steps that you need to use during document redaction are as follows:

To Redact Text:

  • Open your automated or manual redaction tool and upload your documents in electronic formats.
  • Select the sensitive data that you intend to redact.
  • Hit the redact option.
  • Save your document after redacting the required text.

To Redact an Image:

  • Open the automated or manual redaction tool and upload your paper documents.
  • Pick the images with confidential information that you need to redact.
  • Hit the redact button.
  • Download the redacted electronic records.

To Redact Multiple Pages:

  • Get on the automated or manual redaction tool and upload your documents with private information to begin the redaction process.
  • Choose the pages on the scanned documents that you need to redact.
  • Save the document after redacting sensitive electronic records.
  • Remember to download the scanned documents from the redaction software.

When should you use a Data Redaction Service

The requirements for information retention vary across every organization. Therefore, redaction requirements are also different across businesses. A business usually needs accurate document redaction services under one of the following circumstances:

After Acquisition

Once you receive files, you might want to remove sensitive information from them immediately. The information might not be suitable for all employees who have access to the files. In this case, you are allowed to use two methods of redaction which are as follows:

  • Page region redaction
  • Pattern matching redaction

These two methods ensure that you can get rid of data that shouldn't be available for your employees to access. In case automated redaction isn't possible in a particular area, a business can always choose to do it manually.

The method will take place before anyone in the organization finds it. You can also get someone with security clearance to double-check the report. It will ensure that businesses are able to properly redact files before it is released.

Before Distribution

Your reports might get distributed to multiple people inside and outside your company. If the data in the files are necessary during your initial workflow, there's no point in redacting it right after acquisition. However, redaction makes sense before sharing the information with others.

In some cases, manually redacting documents might make them more accurate. Sometimes the importance of information changes according to who is using the files.

After the Work Is Complete

Once you are done with tasks dependent on the specific information, you can always opt for a redaction service to get rid of secret information. It ensures that you can retain the report in bulk without increasing the risk of leaks or breaches.

Since it's a part of a routine, having an automated system makes more sense in this scenario. Systemizing the method will ensure that there are no security loopholes during the redaction service.

Before Archiving

When a particular report is no longer useful, businesses focus on archiving the records for potential future needs. In most organizations, the archiving of records is an automated procedure. However, it must be coupled with redaction to get rid of private information.

Before Disposal


When the moment comes to get rid of old records containing confidential information, redacting as much information as possible provides the highest level of security. It helps you remove the records from your repository while redacting private info like the social security numbers of clients.

Features to look for in Document Redaction Services

Redacting can be a time-consuming process, but it's a necessity. Even if you have physical files, you need to redact private information in them by scanning them and converting them into digital formats. After that, you can download the redacted document and print hard copies.

A redaction company should focus on developing a tool with the primary benefits:

  • Ability to redact text as well as images: The best online redaction tool will be able to remove sensitive information from the text as well as images. It's even better if video redaction is supported.
  • Ability to work with multiple document formats: The best online redaction tool comes with optical character recognition feature to deal with sensitive information in different document formats. From Word and Excel to PDFs, the best redaction tool will deal with different types of documents and ensure that information is securely stored.
  • Ability to redact multiple pages at a time: Sometimes, you will have to redact information from a large document. It isn't always possible to upload all pages as new documents and redact the required information. The best redaction tool with high-quality services will ensure that you can redact information from multiple pages at a time.
  • Ability to preview the redacted document: After you have redacted social security numbers, phone numbers, and other information from documents, you will want to preview them. The best redaction tool will ensure that you can preview the redacted document and be certain that all the required information has been removed.
  • Ability to save the redacted document: The best software for businesses with redaction requirements enables users to download the redacted document in multiple formats.
  • With all these considerations in mind, Redactable was designed to ensure the complete protection of data with the help of AI technology.

Redactable: Your Comprehensive tool for Automated Redaction Services


Once you come across Redactable, your search for a complete tool for securing records and removing confidential info comes to an end. The cloud-based AI software uses AI technology to remove private info like social security numbers and more. Redactable ensures that a 10-page document can be redacted within two-and-a-half minutes on average.

The interface of Redactable is clean and easy to use. While the redaction options are available on the right, you will find a toolbar on the left offering other services. You will also come across the Redaction Wizard, which will guide you at every step.

Redactable comes with pattern criteria to get rid of various information. The draw-over tool ensures that you can select areas and regions on the document with ease. The document history feature saves your original document and provides access to all your previous redacted versions at your fingertips.

Permanence and security are the top characteristics of Redactable. The service ensures that you can remove all your sensitive meta-data from documents. Instead of offering a data masking service, Redactable completely removes the required information from a form, image, and all other documents.

Redactable users are completely satisfied with the transparent and easy procedure for getting rid of private information from a form or document. If you ever need support while using Redactable, proceed to the help center or use the live chat button.

Redactable offers you every redaction service that a business can need. Want to use Redactable? Check out its pricing plans here.

Check out Redactable today and stop worrying about sensitive info and privacy concerns.

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