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Online Redaction; How to Redact Online With Automated Redaction Software

online Redaction

Are you looking for a way to protect sensitive information in your pdf documents and electronic files?

But implementing a manual redaction process in your organization can be challenging. There are many challenges to consider, including the cost and complexity of implementing the tools and the time and resources required to redact documents properly. 

However, with the right approach and tools, software redaction is a powerful tool for protecting sensitive information and maintaining compliance with regulations.

Why is Manual Redaction Method Outdated

Manual redaction of thousands of pages of documents is no longer needed when you have an AI-powered redaction tool that does the job for you in seconds. 

Here are reasons why manual redaction is going out of place in favor of redaction software;

  1. Speed

Redaction software can quickly process large amounts of text, making it faster than manual redaction.

  1. Accuracy

Redaction software is trained to recognize and redact specific patterns or terms highly, reducing the risk of errors.

  1. Consistency

Redaction software can consistently apply redactions similarly, reducing the risk of inconsistency between different document parts.

  1. Ease of use

Redaction software is easy to use and does not require specialized training or knowledge.

  1. Cost

Redaction software are more cost-effective than hiring individuals to redact a document manually.

Why Choose Redactable For Online Redaction?

  • Improved Security

Redactable helps improve your documents' security by allowing you to remove sensitive information before sharing it. 

This helps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and reduces the risk of data breaches or cyber-attacks.

  • Compliant With Privacy Laws And Regulations

Many countries have rules and regulations that require organizations to protect the privacy of individuals and securely handle personal data. 

Redactable can help you to meet these requirements by allowing you to remove sensitive information from documents before sharing them.

  • Quick

Redactable saves you time by automating the process of redacting sensitive information from documents. 

This is useful if you need to redact a large number of documents or if you need to redact documents regularly.

  • Reversibility

Redactable allows you to reversely remove sensitive information from documents, meaning you can restore the original information if needed. 

This is beneficial if you need to share a redacted document with someone and later need to provide them with the original, unredacted version. 

  • Improved Efficiency

Redactable improves the efficiency of your workflow by automating the redaction process and allowing you to redact multiple documents at once.

  • Customization

Redactable allows you to customize the types of redacted information, such as specific words or phrases or specific types of data like social security numbers or credit card numbers. 

This can help you to tailor the redaction process to your particular needs.

  • Automated Redaction

Redactable automates the process of redacting sensitive information from documents, which can be useful if you need to redact a large number of documents or if you need to edit documents regularly. 

This saves you time and improves efficiency.

  • Multiple File Format

Redactable software programs can handle many forms, including standard formats like PDF, Word, and Excel. 

This makes it easier to redact documents regardless of the structure they are in.

  • Batch Processing

The software allows you to process multiple documents simultaneously, saving you time and improving efficiency.

  • Advanced Features

Redactable offers advanced features, such as automatically redacting sensitive information based on keywords or patterns or redacting information from images or scanned documents. 

These features can streamline the redaction process and improve accuracy.

How Redactable Makes Your Entire Redaction Process Faster?

Redactable speeds up the process by automating identifying information that needs to be redacted. 

This is done using various techniques, such as keyword search or pattern matching.

For example, suppose you want to redact all occurrences of a particular person's name or a specific type of sensitive information. 

In that case, the software can quickly search the document and highlight all matching text or images. 

This saves a lot of time and effort compared to manually reviewing the document and trying to locate the information manually.

This includes features such as selecting large blocks of text or images and applying redactions to them all at once or to multiple documents.

Redactable allows you to select multiple documents and apply redactions to them simultaneously. This can save a lot of time compared to redacting each document individually.

Also, Redactable is a collaborating tool i.e. you can redact with others simultaneously.


1. What Is Redactable, And How Is It Used For Redacting?

Redactable is a software suite primarily used for creating, editing, and managing PDF documents. It includes a " Redact " tool that allows users to hide or obscure sensitive or confidential information within a PDF document. 

To use the Redact tool, you can search for specific words or phrases automatically or manually select and redact specific document sections.

2. What are the main Features Of The Redactable?

The main features of Redactable include:

  • The ability to search for specific words or phrases and redact them automatically.
  • Powerful Redaction wizard.
  • Average Redaction time 2.5 minutes per 10 page documents.
  • The ability to save redacted documents in various formats (e.g., PDF, Word, etc.)
  • Password-protected redacted documents.

3. Is Redactable Available As Free Or Paid Software?

Redactable is available as both free and paid software. The free version lets users view, print, and sign PDF documents. 

It also includes the Redact tool, which can be used to hide or obscure sensitive or confidential information within a document. 

The paid version has additional features, such as creating, editing, and converting documents, text and images within a file.

4. How Much Does A Redactable Subscription Cost?

A Redactable user license costs $49 per month and $470 per year.

5. Can I Redact Multiple Documents At Once Using Redactable?

Yes, Redactable allows users to redact multiple documents at once. 

To do this, you use the "Batch Processing" feature to apply redactions to numerous copies, utilizing predefined rules simultaneously. 

This is useful for redacting large numbers of documents consistently and efficiently.

6. Can I Redact Sensitive Information within Images Or Scanned Documents Using Redactable?

Yes, Redactable can redact sensitive information within images or scanned documents. The software makes for efficient use for this purpose, as the text or image is easily selectable. 

Unlike other redacting tools, you do not need to manually draw a box around the information you want to censor or use a combination of the Redact tool and other image editing tools. 

This is because detecting sensitive information is automated, ensuring a swift redaction across files. Redact pdf online pdf files.

7. Can I Use Redactable To Redact Sensitive Information In A Document That Has Already Been Shared Or Published?

Yes, Redactable can be used to redact sensitive information in a document that has already been shared or published. 

However, it is essential to note that redacting a document after it has been transmitted or published may not altogether remove the information from the document or prevent it from being accessed by others. 

Instead, it covers the information with a black box or blacked-out text, which someone with the right tools or knowledge could potentially bypass. 

Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider the security implications of redacting a document after it has been shared or published.

8. Can I Undo The Redactions That I have Made Using Redactable?

Yes, Redactable includes an "Undo" feature that allows users to undo their last redaction. Users can also use the "Track Changes" feature to review and accept or reject redactions that have been made to a document.

9. Can I Redact Sensitive Information In A Protected Document With A Password?

Yes, Redactable can redact sensitive information in a protected document with a password. However, you must enter the password and use the Redact tool to access the document.

10. Can I Redact Sensitive Information In A Document That Contains Multiple Languages Or Fonts?

Yes, Redactable can recognize and redact sensitive information in multiple languages or fonts documents. When using the Redact tool's automatic redaction feature, you can specify the languages and fonts they want to search for.

11. Can I Redact Sensitive Information In A Document That Contains Multiple Pages?

Yes, Redactable can be used to redact sensitive information in documents that contain multiple pages. 

All you need to do is select and edit specific sections of a paper page-by-page or use the Redact tool's automatic redaction feature to search for particular words or phrases across all document pages.


In conclusion, Redactable is essential for anyone looking to protect sensitive or confidential information within their documents.

Whether you're a legal professional working with confidential client information, a government employee handling classified documents, or just someone looking to keep their personal information private, redaction software is essential for ensuring that your documents are secure.

Redactable is a top choice regarding redaction software. Its advanced Redaction tool allows you to search for and redact specific words or phrases or manually select and edit particular document sections.

Also, with the ability to save redacted documents in various formats, track changes, and password-protect documents, Redactable has all the features you need to keep your information secure.

So, if you want to protect sensitive information, consider investing in top-quality redaction software like Redactable

Our advanced features and ease of use make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to secure their documents. Try it out today and experience the peace of mind of knowing your information is safe!

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