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Best PDF Redaction Tools Online to Protect your Privacy


The world’s best PDF redaction tool online is meant to be secure, trustworthy, and capable of redacting an unlimited number of pages for an unlimited number of documents within the shortest time possible.

The rising demand to share documents over the internet calls for an extra effort to ensure the security of your data is adhered to when doing pdf redaction online. 

Sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (P.I.I.), medical, and legal documents should be transmitted securely to maintain privacy and integrity.

Traditionally, you could spend all your time reviewing documents to black out sensitive information for transmission. However, in modern times PDF, redaction tools online and offline have made redaction easier.

Online redaction has replaced the traditional blacking out on paper. You can delete sensitive data in your PDF documents instantly and permanently in just a couple of easy steps as well as redact tons of documents in a day using the best redaction tool online.

When do you use data redaction?

Every organization has policies and procedures guiding business processes like redaction. If your organization doesn’t have such a procedure, here is a quick guide to using data redaction:

  • Upon acquisition

After receiving reports or any organizational files whose accessibility is limited to a particular group of users, redacting before storing the files is necessary. At no point should sensitive information be accessed by unauthorized persons.

For instance, the information required by the finance department may not be intended for the sales department. Redacting sensitive information intended for the finance department is advisable upon acquisition.

  • Before distribution

Your workflows may require all files received to remain intact until it requires distribution. At this point, you are protecting unauthorized access within and outside of the organization.

For instance, customer training may rely on documents containing sensitive organization data. The sensitive data should be redacted before sharing the documents with the customers.

  • After completion of the project

Sometimes, groups of people are brought together by a short-term project, after which the project is terminated or closed. Any sensitive information shared within the project team should be redacted on closing the project.

  • Before archiving

When a report has served its purpose, it calls for archiving. It would be safe to redact sensitive information from such reports before archiving. Auto-redaction, in this case, will be considered. Redaction tools can be integrated with archiving.

  • Before disposal

Customer information and information for organizations you have been working with may eventually be rendered ready for disposal. It will be secure to redact sensitive information from the reports before destroying them. 

Who needs data redaction?

Organizations that are people-centered handle different types of reports containing sensitive information. 

Think of the nature of the information in your medical records, legal documents, or data shared with government organizations: all the personal and confidential information they contain and how widely they are shared.

What would become of you if your personal information was mistakenly shared publicly without redacting the sensitive information? Will an apology save you?

Everyone needs data redaction. The security of your data begins with personal responsibility, and no amount of sorry can take away the pain of your sensitive data getting to the public.

As a best practice, checking for sensitive information in your documents, videos, audio, and images before sharing them with the public is essential. Unfortunately, the Internet never forgets and will not spare your sensitive information upon acquisition.

There are critical organizations and departments in the custody of sensitive data. While it is impossible to conceal sensitive information from your employee, your employer should ensure the security of your data within the organization and externally.

Such critical organizations and departments include:

  • HR Department

Employee documents contain sensitive data that should be redacted before sharing within the organization. Redaction, in this case, should include having different copies with different degrees of redaction for access by relevant recipients.

  • Law firms

Depositions, affidavits, motions, and briefs should be redacted of sensitive data before submission to the court systems. Attorneys moving to and from court proceedings with documents having sensitive data pose a security threat.

  • Court systems

Court systems keep records of death certificates, marriage certificates, and court documents that are required publicly. Such records should be redacted before sharing.

  • Government agencies

Employees, vendors, and partners in government agencies have a wide range of documents that contain sensitive information. If shared internally or externally, such records should be redacted before sharing.

  • Healthcare providers

Remember the information you have been sharing with your healthcare provider? Imagine that information reaching the public, displaying your identity. It would be a disgrace, hence the need for data redaction.

  • Financial services

One of the critical financial services is the provision of loan documents to third-party vendors. One of the life-threatening monsters on the Internet is account hackers. Financial documents should be redacted before sharing with third parties.

Does Online Redaction Guarantee Data Security?

Every form of innovation and invention comes with its pros and cons. While redaction hides sensitive information, a misinformed choice of a redaction tool can pose even more threats to data security.

With the increase in spamming and hacking reports, not only do the professional sectors uphold data security as their utmost priority, but the spread and fluidity of mass data make it a prudent responsibility for the individual.

Day-to-day activities ranging from online account registrations to information sharing threaten data security. Failure to address the issues of trust, security, and value for money makes it even more challenging to adopt online solutions.

The Data Protection Act and Privacy laws are some actions governments have taken to ensure information security. But how safe are you with online redaction solutions?

There are online redaction tools that continue to stand out in protecting the privacy of your data. Such tools consider the root cause of the previous, current, and future data threats to ensure continued data integrity.

However much technology, processes, and regulations may change, some practices remain constant in ensuring efficient data redaction. Such practices are wrapped into the four steps of redaction as discussed below:

Best Practice for Redacting Online

According to an Article published in the IEEE Privacy and Security Magazine, there are four redaction rules: Identity, protect, review and repeat 

  • Identify

Identifying the content to hide from the public is the first redaction rule. From unlimited file sizes to an unlimited number of redactions, a redaction tool should be able to search through the content and identify all sensitive data for redaction.

Metadata (data describing other data) and hidden data are some identification challenges. However, systems whose search is driven by machine learning algorithms can identify and delete every form of data in a document.

  • Protect

Protection in online redaction is viewed in three dimensions: protection of the original copy, protection of the data to be redacted, and protection of the remaining data in the document, even if it is not sensitive.

Your online redaction tool should protect the original copy for future reference by creating a copy for redaction.

Your redaction tool should ensure that sensitive data is permanently deleted rather than masked to protect the data from being redacted. Masking the data may leave traces of the information.

The tool should also protect the rest of the content after redaction by ensuring that it is not affected. Errors in redacting unintended information may occur for systems that are not intelligent enough.

  • Review

Reviewing ensures that the redacted document is free from errors. The reviewer ensures that only the sensitive information is redacted and that none of the sensitive information remains in the file.

Online systems that support collaboration are highly recommended for the efficiency and management of the reviewing process.

  • Repeat

You want to be sure that all sensitive information has been redacted and that the rest of the information is not affected. The only way to be sure is to repeat the process of identifying, protecting, and reviewing.

Selection criteria for the Best Online Redaction tool 

Two significant considerations will impact your redaction tool's choice–security and file size.

  • Security

Evaluation of a system's redaction process determines the security of your files. Security features such as redaction certifications that are legally approved serve as a measure of security.

  • File Size

Systems that support large volumes of file redaction have invested in striking a balance between the system's complexity and efficiency. While finding trusted free online tools is possible, I recommend investing in an online redaction tool for the best experience.

Free online redaction tools present limited features, such as a limited number of files that can be redacted, making them inappropriate options for most businesses and individuals.

Redact with Redactable-World’s Best PDF Redaction Tool Online

Redactable is a cloud-based redaction solution that uses NLP/ML technology to auto-redact sensitive information in one click. It is The Gold Standard Redaction Software that is making headlines in 2022.

Within four years, Redactable has gained trust and confidence and is projected to do even more exploits.

Redactable Features

Redactable is here to take care of all your pain points through its ever-advancing features, including

  • Auto-redaction

One click and your document is free from all sensitive data. Compared to hundreds of online redaction solutions, redactable continues to stand out with its auto-redaction feature. Redactable can identify and redact all sensitive data in one click.

  • Security

The internet has become a threat to the security of information. People with malicious intent are all over the internet to exploit system vulnerabilities. What if I told you that Redactable guarantees the security of your data?

Redactable provides legally accredited redaction certificates to keep a documented track of all redaction activities with time stamps.

  • Permeance

Redactable permanently redacts all sensitive data, including metadata and hidden data. This feature makes it difficult for hackers to tamper with your redacted data.

  • Simplicity

Redactable provides a guided redaction process making it easy for all literacy levels. Its creatively designed user Interface pats your back and motivates you to get more files redacted.

  • Collaboration

Redactable values your time and improves productivity in the workplace as its collaborative nature allows you to invite your team members to redact tons of files.

  • Unlimited redactions

Remember those error messages like "File too large to upload!" or "You have reached the maximum number of redactions per day?" That's not Redactable. It is a limitless solution for all your redaction needs.

Redactable Pricing

Redactable offers competitive pricing for its gold-standard services. Unsurprisingly, Redactable continues to gain prominence globally with companies like CFV Ventures and Stony Lonesome Group.

At only $49, you enjoy unlimited redactions, unlimited documents, and automated redaction features.

With the enterprise plan, you enjoy the benefit of accessing Redactable's API and deployment on your cloud.

Who supports Redactable?

Redactable has won the trust of thousands of professionals across the globe and continues to make headlines in the security field. You can read more on Redactable's AI technology here.

Redact in 4 Easy Steps


If you have not experienced redaction with redactable, I suggest you Register for your 7-day free trial now. You will not be required to provide your credit card details for the free trial. Driven by technology, proven by results, sustained by a passion for value.

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Data security remains a priority when choosing a redaction tool. Your sensitive data should be protected at all levels of transmission.No one wants to be the next case study for data breaches online.

Redactable complies with modern redaction rules by providing a simple, reliable, and trustworthy platform for all your redaction needs. You are only a click away from the software that does the magic!

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