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8 Best PDF Redaction Tools You Need to Consider in the UK


Redaction software is a tool to completely delete any visible text or images containing private or sensitive information from a document. Private information leaks when businesses and government organizations don't correctly redact information. However, redaction can be effortless if you utilize the appropriate redaction software.

Redaction software has two key advantages: it creates impenetrable overlays and ensures that all identifying information is detected. Software for redaction has the additional benefits of keeping track of everything and being error-free.

What should you look for in a PDF Redaction software?

When it comes to redaction software, there are a few things you should look for to ensure you're getting the best possible tool for your needs. We looked at the redaction software market and evaluated the available choices using the following standards:

  • A safe system that can function without giving operators access to sensitive data
  • Text and image Redaction option
  • A scrubber for metadata
  • A free trial period or a money-back promise for evaluation

Top 8 Best PDF Redaction Software

1. Redactable

The best option on the list is redactable. Redactable is a cloud-based redaction solution that employs artificial intelligence to swiftly and securely redact documents to remove sensitive information. On each 10-page document, users spend, on average, 2.5 minutes.

Redactable's complete auto-redaction feature enables time and resource savings. You can now use software that precisely lists every piece of your sensitive data that needs to be redacted at once thanks to our artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology, which is supported by years of research and development in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). You have the luxury of being able to undo redacted information with Redactable. You can choose how many user licenses you require.

Redact all of your documents successfully and permanently with only one click. Give Redactable a try if you're sick of dealing with redacted PDFs; you won't be sorry.


  • Simple to use
  • Auto-redaction and collaborative feature
  • Safety & Permeance
  • Redaction Certificates


  • None

2. PDFelement

The Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This tool enables you to remove confidential information from your document altogether; redacting PDF files is simple with it. You may edit, cleanse, combine, convert, and organize your PDF documents using the software's expert features.

You may redact any part of your PDF document using our redaction tool. Annotate, insert, replace, split, merge, add a digital signature, and many other features are among the editing features.


  • Can remove a wide variety of information, including text, images, and watermarks 
  • It has a preview function so you can see what the redacted document will look like before you save it 
  • Batch processing function that can handle large numbers of documents 
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature can make redacted documents searchable 


  • More expensive than some other redaction software 
  • Some reviewers find the interface difficult to use 


Another excellent online redaction tool is PDFfiller, which enables you to upload and entirely modify any PDF file. Additionally, you may use it to share your PDF files, add a signature, and redact your PDF documents. Other document types supported by this website are Word documents, PowerPoint, Excel, Plain Text, and Rich Text.


  • It is explicitly designed for redaction, so it has several features that can be helpful in this process.
  • The software is easy to use and can be learned quickly by most users.
  • It can handle various document types, making it a versatile tool for many users.


  • The software can be complicated to use for users who are not familiar with redaction processes.
  • It does not allow collaboration.

4. Objective Redact

Objective Redact was explicitly created to redact documents. It also edits M.S. Word, Excel, scanned documents and Outlook files in addition to PDFs. You may see the redaction process in real-time as you redact files.

Before redacting scanned data and photos, you can OCR them using this user-friendly software. It works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.


  • It is very user-friendly, and even those without prior experience can learn how to use it quickly.
  • The software is affordable, especially compared to some of the other options on the market.


  • It doesn't offer as many features as some of the other redaction software options on the market.

5. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a terrific option if you're searching for a program that makes it simple and quick to generate, sign, and share PDF files. This application makes it easy to cover sensitive information in a PDF by blackening the text and photos.

You may create PDF files from scratch and convert them to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats in addition to redaction. Additionally, you may access all of your synchronized documents from any device. Both the Windows and Mac OS X versions of the software are supported.


  • Adobe Acrobat Pro is its redaction feature. This feature allows users to remove sensitive information from their PDF files permanently. This is a valuable tool for those who need to share confidential documents electronically.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ability to create PDF forms. This feature can help create surveys or documents that must be filled out electronically.


  • One of the most significant drawbacks is its cost. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a reasonably expensive software program.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro can be complex, especially for those unfamiliar with PDF files. It can be challenging to figure out how to use all of the features and options, and the learning curve can be steep.


You can redact your PDF with the online PDF editor Use this free online PDF redacting tool to remove private information from your document. It is quick, simple, and cost-free. You may also fill out forms with it, highlight text, white out, and even sign your name. Your information is protected because the file cannot be recovered. You can remove your PDF files from the cloud after modifying them.


  • is an easy-to-use online software that makes redacting PDFs a breeze. Upload the PDF you want to redact, select the areas you want to redact, and download the new, redacted PDF.
  • The software is free to use, with no limitations on how many PDFs you can redact.
  • You can quickly redact sensitive information, such as social security numbers or financial data.


  • only supports PDFs, so if you need to redact other file types, you'll need to use another software.
  • The software doesn't have advanced features, such as the ability to save your redacted PDFs in a password-protected format.

7. PDFtron

A variety of redaction options are available in the online toolset for PDF production and editing provided by PDFtron. It offers you manual redaction and you can also automatically redact using the PDFtron software.

PDFtron is all about PDFs, as the name suggests. However, as the system can convert any document format into a PDF, it also means that any document may be redacted using it. Even though this is an online application, using a desktop or mobile app is still feasible to use the redaction program when offline.

Deep metadata cleaning is one of the system's redaction tools, and it can redact visuals and photos. 


  • It offers a variety of features, including the ability to redact text, images, and even entire pages.
  • PDFtron is highly compatible with various file formats, making it an excellent choice for those who need to work with multiple document types.


  • The software can be a bit resource-intensive, so it may not be the best choice for those with older computers or limited system resources.

8. PDF Buddy

PDF Buddy will make it simple to redact any private or secret information from your PDF file that you want to delete. It is regarded as one of the most effective PDF editors and redaction tools. You can also add text, signatures, annotations, and photographs to your PDF document. This website lets you make shareable links for any PDF files so that recipients may quickly fill out the forms.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Affordable
  • It comes with a free trial


  • Some features are locked behind a paywall
  • Some users have reported bugs and glitches

Why choose Redactable?

Never has redaction been so simple! Redactable unique features;

  • One-Click Redaction: We have developed software that is on the verge of sentiment analysis. Redact securely with a single click—no muss, no fuss. Auto-redaction is supported by years of research in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Collaboration: An industry-first collaboration tool streamlines the process and invites teams to rapidly and cooperatively resolve document redaction issues. The annotations and redaction history list authors and timestamps for each redaction.
  • Permeance: Eliminates any threats of sensitive data leakage by cleaning up all levels of data and meta-data.
  • Cloud-based: Requires no downloads and eliminates the possibility of system threats from viruses and data breaches. You may access a specific point of redaction at any moment by using the Document History feature, which lets you go back to each version of the redactions in your project.

Redactable offers:


  • Redact in four simple steps while being led through the process by our Redaction Wizard.
  • Draw Over, Search and Select Patterns, and Complete auto-redaction are just a few available tools.
  • Collaborate with other seat holders and invite them to work on projects together as we explain each redaction's author and date of creation, making the redaction process easier for large teams.
  • Editing is made more accessible with Job Management and Document History.
  • You will receive automatically created, encrypted redaction logs.
  • Documents can be imported and exported via two-way syncing to other applications like Box or Dropbox.

Compliance with Regulations and Authentication

  • Redact permanently. To ensure secure and efficient redaction, scraping is done on all data, meta-data, and hidden document elements.
  • Redaction Certificates provide a log for regulatory purposes by giving the time and author of each redaction.
  • It complies with GDPR and HIPAA regulations, so you never have to be concerned about compliance difficulties and breaching data protection laws.


  • Your data is secure and protected so that you can rest easy.


Redactable is the first option that comes to mind when you think of redaction because of its truly unique qualities. With only one click, built-in AI technologies can recognize and redact your sensitive information. It is neither an add-on nor a plug-in. Your document is secured against hackers and information loss.

Redactable is an auto-redaction software that combines the benefits of all currently available data redaction methods and fills in the gaps to offer quick, dependable, and simple redaction services.

Redactable is cloud-based, so getting started with your redaction process doesn't involve installation. Even more interesting, you can start your free trial of redactable without a credit card

With Redactable, a redacted document is only four steps away. 4 simple steps!

  •  Upload your PDF file.
  • Select the confidential material in your document, or let the wizard find it.
  •  Redact the selected information.
  •  Save and Download the document.

The best part is that you can use the tool for free during the trial period to learn more. But ultimately, you're searching for a tool that will enable you to finish your work quickly and successfully.

Redactable is one of the most popular tools to assist you in doing this. Consequently, you will only need to spend some time redacting your content because making it redactable takes up your time. That makes working for you enjoyable and straightforward.

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