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8 Best Data Redaction Software to Hide Sensitive Information

what is redaction software

You’ve heard or read the term personally identifiable information, right? It’s any data that identifies you as a particular user.

Why? As these are frequently the credentials to all the user’s personal and sensitive information. It’s any confidential information that might be used against you.

This information must be kept safe. Any data and metadata that might allude to your personally identifiable information are deleted by one of the best data redaction tools.

But data redaction differs from data masking. The latter is a virtual counterfeit technique to conceal private information, replacing precise data with misleading info.

Your sample documents are frequently utilized in training and guidance to represent a simplified template rather than factual, defensible material.

Redaction Software

The redaction techniques in electronic documents are more efficient as they permanently delete the classified info, unlike the manual document redaction that utilizes a black marker to disguise the private information. However, this calls for an efficient and trustworthy redaction tool.

The technological solutions are quicker, simpler to use, and more efficient than those which depend on manual operations when seeking a redaction tool.

The capability to digitally monitor and evaluate the redaction activity is among other important characteristics. This makes auditing easier and makes it simple for firms to verify that they comply with all applicable legal obligations.

Amid the wide range of options available in the market, here are the top redaction tools listed below to assist you in safeguarding private and confidential information when sharing or transferring electronic documents.



The first and leading choice when it comes to redaction tools is Redactable.

It is a cloud-based redaction technology tool that leverages the power of AI to quickly and seamlessly redact images, video, and text to protect sensitive information on your documents. 

Thanks to its automated redaction feature, you can save many of your resources and time. This user-friendly software accurately lists all your privileged information that must be redacted immediately.

It does so using AI Technology, backed by decades of research and improvement in the areas of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NLP(Natural Language Processing).

Plus, Redactable enables you to undo redacted documents. You can also pick the number of license plates that you require.

It offers a one-click solution to redact your entire document permanently and successfully. Here are some of the redaction features of this particular redaction software:

  • With years of research and expertise in OCR, Sentiment Analysis and NLP methods, it provides a better user experience than other tools, with minimal effort and no compromise on data privacy.
  • The Redaction Wizard feature offers single-click document redaction for documents with multiple pages. Every ten-page document redaction only takes two and a half minutes.
  • Owing to its cloud-based technology, the redaction software eliminates the risk of virus attacks. Plus, if you’re looking for next-level, top-notch security measures, you can always choose its Enterprise plan.
  • It permanently removes confidential info, hidden elements, and metadata from your legal documents or pdf files before you share or distribute them.

Adobe Acrobat Professional


Adobe Acrobat Pro is one of the best redaction tools, well-known for its effective and seamless removal of private data from pdf documents.

The Remove Hidden Information functionality of the Adobe software lets you redact video files or other digital evidence like text and photos in addition to producing more than one pdf document.

You can delete or redact words, photos, and even concealed private or sensitive information with Adobe Acrobat Pro’s Remove Hidden Information function.


  • Before distributing a pdf file, sanitize documents to eliminate any traces of confidential material.
  • Look for and redact structured documents’ phrases, patterns, single words, or groups of words.
  • Remove all concealed text and metadata, including the document’s creator’s name, date of origin, overlays, and hyperlinks.
  • Once the redaction processes are done, overlay the deleted things with redaction codes, colored boxes, colorful figures, or personalized text.

With the help of this software, you may also get rid of other elements on the redacted document that allow you to alter or change the page’s design, such as JavaScript, actions, form fields, and other material.



CaseGuard is one of the most reliable and powerful redaction tools available in today’s market. It can be used to take sensitive data out of a complicated video, picture, audio, and pdf files.


  • Irrespective of the business, it redacts any pdf document. Common applications include deleting sensitive data from tax forms, employment, government agencies, health and bank records, as well as names, email IDs, credit card numbers, and other personal details.
  • It enables you to swiftly and automatically detect and remove digital evidence from various videos, including faces, license plates, individuals, screens, papers, vehicles, and more.
  • It enables you to rapidly, conveniently, and reliably redact, edit, and translate sensitive information-containing files.
  • It enables automatic bulk redaction, which allows the fast and systematic removal of private information from thousands of pages, photos, and hours of video or audio recordings.

Almost any sector can use the viable approach, which is appropriate for various pdf file types. Everybody, even those with minimal automatic or manual redaction experience, may use it thanks to its simple and intuitive operations.

Egress Respond

Another one from the list of reliable and robust redaction tools is Egress Respond. It automates email redaction before sending it to the recipients.

The software primarily functions as a cloud mail server and is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems and programs like Microsoft Outlook.


  • A powerful and trustworthy email redaction software perfect for sectors with many requirements to impose strict privacy laws and regulations.
  • It offers seamless redaction of outlook files as it’s highly compatible with Microsoft Outlook.
  • A smart email security solution ensures the safe transmission of emails comprising sensitive data by offering enhanced data protection.
  • Confidential data is automatically protected with powerful message-level encryption.
  • Users of Android, iOS or Windows smartphones can use the Egress platform through mobile applications.
  • It allows you to adhere to laws and best practices for data privacy.

The email client doesn’t download the emails like it usually does. As an alternative, the tools let you view and send emails straight from the Egress server.

Oracle Data Redaction Software

Oracle Data Redaction is a useful solution that offers sophisticated real-time blockage of sensitive information.

In essence, Oracle’s Advanced Security Suite component lets you conceal the data fitting particular application inquiries, allowing you to adhere to rules like DSS, PCI, SOA, and more.


  • Database systems should hide sensitive information to protect unauthorized users from viewing confidential data.
  • Before an application displays a database query results, confidential information is provided using on-the-fly, selective masking.
  • Flexibility to implement complete, arbitrary, or segmented redaction, such as hiding a database field in its entirety or only a segment.
  • It enables you to look for and remove emails and other regular expression-based data patterns.
  • Ideal for applications with a high rate of data modification.

The utility often leaves the actual information, type, and structure alone. It maintains the information in the caches, queues, and storage.

Objective Redact


A strong, quick, and affordable redaction software called Objective Redact permanently removes specific sensitive personal information from digital pdf files.


  • Eliminates all hidden, confidential, or sensitivity-related information from any digital material (complex documents, PDF files, graphics, images, Word, Excel, and emails).
  • Eliminates all traces of the chosen data, including metadata, concealed code, authors, creation dates, and other features.
  • A simple, adaptable, and smart tool that lets you look for structured information or certain words, make your own rules, work together, and more.
  • Systematic and adaptable, providing time-saving features, including bulk redaction of large numbers of files, pages, or groups of documents.
  • Before completing the redaction procedure, review the paper with the appropriate parties.

The utility makes a functioning copy of the document while keeping the original one intact during redaction. It also generates the finished version with redactions and an alternative audit copy.

Extract Redaction (ID Shield)


Thanks to The Extract’s ID Shield, an automatic, quick, high-accuracy, and smart redaction solution, you can deal with various requirements.

Key Features:

  • Redacting predetermined sensitive information using cutting-edge deep learning and methodologies also proposes possible private information that has to be removed.
  • Then, it takes advantage of ML to increase accuracy dynamically by learning from the results.
  • You may instantly add or modify redactions thanks to an intuitive user interface that is adaptable and simple to use.
  • 99% accurate, systematic, quick, and economical indexing and redaction solution
  • Smart document redaction solution with cutting-edge data extraction capabilities.
  • Convenient and configurable analytics panel.

From public documents like court records, insurance applications, medical records, land records, credit card accounts, and other documents, private data may be removed.

Plus, it helps firms to provide public documentation access without disclosing personal and sensitive information.



Using a modern document redaction program called e-Redact, personal and private data can be permanently removed from any electronic document or left blank.


  • Automatically look up and remove certain words, subject headings, and regular expressions like email addresses and social security numbers.
  • It ensures dependable, immediate, and irrevocable blacking out or deleting sensitive information from many digital files and word documents.
  • It assists businesses in adhering to the DPA, EIR, AIO, GDPR Act, and other data privacy laws.
  • Unlike manual redaction, this automatic redaction solution is efficient, quick, and safe.
  • It’s the best choice if you seek and delete unusual formulations as well as certain terms and phrases swiftly and intelligently.

It supports various formats, including database reports, scanned output, common digital documents, and other data sources.

Text IQ Redaction Software


Text IQ is a strong, robust, and ideal AI-powered redaction software that allows businesses to remove or redact data, including sensitive information, from pdf documents.

It does so, all while ensuring seamless compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and other attributes.

Key Features:

  • An effective and speedy AI-powered sensitive information detection solution.
  • Instantly detect and automatically eliminate private and sensitive information from pdf documents.
  • A cost-effective and time-saving solution that mitigates the risk of revealing sensitive and confidential information to individuals without any access.
  • Digitized, quick assessment, filtering, and removing high volume documents with unstructured data.
  • Safe and secure AI-backed engine that detects and eliminates private and other delicate content that is concealed deep within the enterprise data.

This redaction tool features a validation functionality that ensures seamless verification of sensitive data that have been redacted from the original document efficiently.

Go For Redactable

An online redact tool can be a useful tool for removing information from a document. When you need to remove sensitive information from a document before sharing it with others, this can be useful. Redacting information can assist in protecting your privacy as well as the privacy of others.

For a variety of reasons, Redactable is the best online redaction tool to use:

  • It is extremely user-friendly and simple to use.
  • It has a plethora of features that make it the most versatile redaction tool available.
  • It is extremely affordable, with monthly fees starting at just $49.

Here are some of the features that distinguish Redactable as the best online redaction tool:

-User-friendly interface: Redactable has a very user-friendly interface that is simple and intuitive.

-Extensive feature set: Redactable has an extensive feature set, including the ability to redact PDFs, images, and other documents.

-Affordable: At $49 per month, Redactable is one of the most affordable redaction tools on the market.

Look no further than Redactable if you're looking for the best online redaction tool.

So, for high-quality redaction, always choose Redactable. 

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