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Online PDF Redaction: Top 6 PDF Redaction Software Available

Online PDF Redaction

All redacted information from a PDF file must be transferred to significant submissions, confidential information, and statistics. And all of these can be done by preserving the formatting of a PDF file. When you redact a PDF file properly, all the formatting elements remain unchanged.

You should note that the secret materials within the PDF files remain completely hidden. This technique is more complicated than simply underlining the text and matching the highlight with the font color.

Irrespective of the redaction appearance delivered through this technique, you cannot permanently remove the text from the document.

And when you are acquainted with the basics of Word Processing, you can seamlessly copy the redacted text. Further, you must have the potential to paste and upload in a text file. Thus you can proceed to examine and complete the entire document.

Now that you are here, this article will give you valuable insights about the top 8 pdf redaction software. While you dig deeper, you will learn a few commendable tips to redact a PDF. 

Let's get started.

Importance of Redacting a PDF File

Sharing sensitive and confidential information across the internet has become a necessity in our daily lives. So, when you do the same through your Mac and Windows computer, you need to ensure that it's private. And when you redact PDF online, you can seamlessly secure all kinds of information.

However, redaction in PDF files involves the removal of certain aspects from the document. So, when some portions of the document are automatically deleted, you can ensure that the PDF files can be accessed by those who need to.


You might like to redact a PDF file for several reasons. And remarkable PDF redaction tools like Redactable, PDF Filler, etc., can help you redact PDF files on the go.

For instance, you wouldn't want to reveal your company's confidential information when you send a contract to your client. So, when you redact a PDF file, you can edit and cover all the sensitive information in your document. And that's exactly how you redact PDF files and keep all information safe and secure.

If you wish to redact information from PDF files, you can use a PDF editor and remove certain elements from a PDF page. Also, you can convert the PDFs to a Word Document and manually redact data from the file. So, either way, you must remove sensitive data and save your file before sharing it.

And once your PDF file is redacted, you must download the same. This will help remove all your sensitive information, like credit card numbers, and keep them secure. Thus, you can rest assured that your social security numbers in the PDFs can be accessed by those who require them.

PDF Redaction Software

1. Redactable


Redactable is a cloud-based redaction service that efficiently protects confidential information in your documents. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and securely remove sensitive content from PDFs, images, and other digital documents without needing any downloads or plugins.

Redactable permanently redacts material, so you can be sure that your documents will remain secure even after they have been shared or distributed.

Redactable's powerful platform also gives users peace of mind with its real redactions - not just masked text that could easily be removed later or exposed to malicious actors.

2. PDF Filler


PDF filler is an all-in-one online redaction software that allows users to upload, edit, redact, and share their PDF documents.

This website provides powerful tools for editing and redacting PDFs, including adding a signature and various other document formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Plain Texts, and Rich Text.

Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with online redaction softwares. Advanced security features like password protection and encryption of sensitive information ensure that confidential data remains safe and secure.

This cost-effective tool is ideal for those looking for an efficient way to redact their PDF documents without spending too much time or money.

3. PDF Buddy


PDF Buddy is a highly-rated PDF redaction software that lets users securely remove confidential and private information from their documents. 

It provides easy-to-use editing tools, such as adding text, signatures, annotations, and images.

Additionally, it allows users to easily create shareable links to send their edited documents out for review or approval.

With its sophisticated yet intuitive interface, PDF Buddy is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and secure way to redact sensitive information from their PDF files. Its features make it one of the top 8 pdf redaction software available today.

4. PD Zorro


PDF Zorro is an extremely useful tool for securely and efficiently redacting PDF documents. It allows users to add a digital signature to the file easily, fill forms, annotate, highlight, or white out texts.

Furthermore, once editing is complete and the file has been saved it can be deleted from the cloud, ensuring that it cannot be retrieved and protecting user information from malicious third parties.

With its intuitive interface and reliable protection capabilities, PDF Zorro should be considered when looking for PDF redaction software. If you’re willing to recover the redacted text, then you can easily recover with this tool.

5. PDFescape


PDFescape is a top-rated online PDF redaction software that provides users with a complete suite of features. It enables quick and efficient file editing, form filling, annotation, and redaction of PDFs with just a few clicks.

For additional convenience, the tool also comes equipped with a Chrome extension to facilitate the automatic opening of any PDF file. You can use this free online service to securely share documents online while keeping sensitive information hidden from view.

With its advanced features and intuitive interface, PDFescape is an ideal choice for those who need to edit or redact entire PDF documents quickly and efficiently. It is one of the best tool which does not entertain any fraudulent activities online.

6. PDF Studio Pro


PDF Studio Pro is an all-in-one online PDF editor that makes it easy to redact documents with its built-in features. It allows for conveniently adding and editing text, shapes, images, and more.

Users can mark up documents, add notes and annotations, apply watermarks or create bookmarks as needed using this tool. With PDF Studio Pro, you can easily generate PDFs from other file formats with just a few clicks. 

Its multi-platform support is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, making it the ideal choice for all document management needs.

PDF Studio Pro offers a wide range of advanced features, such as batch processing and barcode generation, for added convenience in handling large volumes of data.

How to Redact PDF Online

There are multiple steps that you need to take in order to redact your PDF file in the right manner. Mentioned below are these few steps that you need to take in the correct order:

Step 1: Upload Your Document

The first step to redacting a PDF online is to upload the document that you wish to edit. You can upload your file from a local storage device, or you can directly drag and drop the file onto the page. Once the upload is complete, you'll be able to start editing it right away.

Step 2: Choose What to Redact

Once you've uploaded the document, you can start selecting the areas that need to be redacted. You can select any text or images from the document and mark them for removal. When you're done, click "Save" to apply your changes.

Step 3: Review and Save Your Redacted Document

Once you've selected all of the elements that need to be redacted, you can review the changes before saving.

You'll be able to see what will remain in the document once all of the redactions have been applied. When you're satisfied with your work, click "Save" and your edited document will be ready for download.

Redacting PDF documents is an easy process that can be done quickly and efficiently. By following these steps, you'll have your redacted document ready in no time!

Choose Redactable: The Most Unique Software for PDF Redaction

There are a plethora of free redaction tools that are readily available in the market. But Redactable is an exclusive cloud-based redaction tool that best uses artificial intelligence. It further goes on to redact PDFs and documents with great security, thereby removing any sensitive information.

The interface in Redactable is extremely clear and straightforward to use. And this convenient and easy-to-use PDF redaction tool can seamlessly help in protecting your information. The workstation hosts an exquisitely designed toolbar to the left, whereas the redaction options are on the right.

Redactable comes with a Redaction Wizard that helps you rapidly walk through the entire procedure. The auto-redact option helps you to redact information from your PDF documents. And there is no requirement for manual redaction as the entire procedure is conducted through A.I. technology.

The Pro Pack of Redactable comes for $49.99 per month and allows you to redact PDFs online. Businesses also have access to the Enterprise package to deploy the program on their cloud. So, if you are searching for a redaction tool that hosts remarkable features with great security, then Redactable is perfect for you.

Redactable offers some unique features where you can seamlessly collaborate with your coworkers. In a nutshell, you can invite your coworkers and redact any document with them accurately. This significantly helps in reducing the time which is otherwise spent on pointless operating systems.

This online PDF redaction tool has unique methods of defining traits with permeance and great security. It helps delete all sensitive information and meta-data from your PDF files. And all of these are done by guaranteeing the highest data security level.

You can edit and remove text easily because Redactable doesn't employ data masking.

Click here to check out the pricing of Redactable and learn about the enterprise and individual costs.

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