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How to effectively use the PDF Redaction tool for your privacy

 How to use pdf redaction tool

If you are thinking of protecting the privacy of your clients or customers, you are at the right place. Use a PDF redaction tool to protect your business environment from data breaches and leaks. 

It lets you erase confidential information from a PDF file without damaging its look or function. But how?

In this article, you will learn how to use pdf redaction tool for privacy protection and find its different features.

What is redaction, and why is it required?

Before starting with how to use pdf redaction tool, you must learn what redaction is. It is masking or removing classified information from a document before it is distributed or published. It is done to protect the privacy of individuals or organizations with sensitive information in the document.

A redacted document is where certain information has been removed or obscured for privacy or security reasons.

This process protects personally identifiable information, such as financial account numbers, information, trade secrets, or phone numbers, from being disclosed to unauthorized parties.

Redacting information involves adding overlay text to cover private information and ensuring that personal details and sensitive content remain secure.

Five main reasons why you should consider a pdf redaction tool:

1. To protect the privacy of your clients or customers

2. To protect your business data from being leaked or hacked

3. To keep your employees from knowing confidential information

4. To stop competitors from unveiling your confidential information

5. To remove personal information from PDF reports and documents

Types of Redaction Process

There are two main types of redaction: physical and electronic.

1.Physical redaction- It involves manually covering sensitive information with a black box or opaque tape. This method is simple and low-cost but time-consuming and does not provide enough protection for sensitive information.

2.Electronic redaction- It involves using specialized software tools to automatically locate and remove sensitive information from electronic documents. This method is much faster and more efficient than manual redaction, and it provides a higher level of security and accuracy. 

Some benefits of electronic redaction include quickly adding redaction marks to large amounts of data, searching for specific types of information, and redacting information within images and other non-text data formats.

In simple terms, electronic redaction is better as it is faster and more accurate.

Several pdf redaction tools are available, each with unique benefits and features. Below we have listed four of the most popular pdf redaction tools and provided a brief overview of their pros and cons.

9 Benefits of using the Redaction tool

With the ability to redact PDF online, you can easily protect sensitive information before sharing the document.

To protect sensitive information, you may need to redact a PDF before sharing it with others.

  • Compliance: PDF redaction ensures that organizations comply with privacy laws, regulations, and guidelines that require protecting confidential information.
  • Data protection: PDF redaction helps to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or distribution of sensitive information, thereby protecting sensitive data.
  • Improved security: By redacting sensitive information, organizations can lower their probability of data breaches and other security threats that could hurt people, businesses, or the public.
  • Ease of use: PDF redaction tools are user-friendly and can be easily integrated into existing workflows and processes, making it convenient for organizations to implement.
  • Cost-effective: PDF redaction is often a cost-effective alternative to manual redaction, as it can be automated and performed at scale, reducing the need for manual labor.
  • Time-saving: Automated PDF redaction saves time compared to manual redaction, as it can quickly process many documents.
  • Increased efficiency: PDF redaction helps to streamline workflows and improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for manual labor.
  • Improved accuracy: Automated PDF redaction reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that sensitive information is correctly and consistently redacted every time.
  • Consistency: PDF redaction provides consistent and standardized redaction results, ensuring that all documents are treated equally and that sensitive information is consistently protected.

Redacting information from a document becomes more efficient with a pop-up window in a redaction tool, as it allows for a quick and accurate selection of sensitive data.

Factors to consider while choosing a Redaction Tool

When looking for a PDF redaction tool, you should consider the following factors:

  • Redaction Capabilities: The tool should offer robust redaction capabilities, including redacting sensitive information and adding annotations.
  • User-Friendliness: The tool should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to use.
  • File Compatibility: The tool should work with various file types, including PDF.
  • Price: Consider the cost of the tool, including any subscription-based pricing models.
  • Security: The tool should offer robust security features to protect sensitive information during redaction.
  • Redaction: This is the primary feature of a PDF redaction tool. It enables users to hide sensitive information by blacking text or images within the PDF document.
  • Batch Processing: Many PDF redaction tools support batch processing, allowing users to redact multiple PDF documents simultaneously. It saves time and effort.
  • Customizable Redaction Patterns: Some PDF redaction tools allow users to define their redaction patterns, such as a specific word or phrase, regular expression, or a specific area on the page.
  • Automatic Detection: Some PDF redaction tools have automatic detection features that can identify sensitive information like addresses, social security information, and credit card numbers.
  • Watermarking: This feature enables users to add a custom watermark to a PDF document to prevent unauthorized distribution of the redacted information.
  • PDF Encryption: Many PDF redaction tools include encryption options that allow users to protect their PDF documents.
  • Audit Trail: An audit trail feature tracks the changes to a PDF document, including redactions and records of who made those changes and when.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Some PDF redaction tools can be integrated with other tools, such as document management systems, allowing users to redact information directly within their workflow.
  • User Permissions: Some PDF redaction tools allow administrators to set user permissions, controlling who can access and edit the redacted information.
  • File Format Support: Some PDF redaction tools support a range of file formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which makes it easier to redact information from a variety of sources. After redacting sensitive information, saving the text in a secure location is important.

Best PDF Redaction Tool: Redactable

When it comes to redaction tools, Redactable is the top option. It's a web-based program that masks sensitive materials using artificial intelligence. The software program auto-detects and redacts important information from documents using NLP/ML technology. 

Additionally, Redactable offers a wide range of customization options, including redacting only specific sections of a PDF file, targeting specific keywords, and creating blocklists of sensitive words.

To quickly and painlessly redact and text to secure sensitive information on your papers, this cloud-based redaction technology solution uses the power of AI.

With its automated redaction feature, you can conserve many resources and time. This user-friendly program accurately lists all your private information that needs to be instantly redacted.


  • AI-powered
  • High level of accuracy
  • Auto-detect features with three additional modes
  • Compliant with government norms
  • Easy to use
  • Super fast redaction process and more


  • Absence of a mobile app

How to use PDF Redaction tool- The Redactable Way

After considering the pros and cons of top PDF redaction tools, it is very clear Redactable is the best choice because it is fast, efficient, and has many features.

Here is how to use the PDF redaction tool:

Step 1:Upload a document on the Redactable- Select a PDF or documents you want to redact or mask and upload it to the tool.

Step 2: Use Redaction Wizard- After uploading your file, look out for the info type you want to redact. You can redact manual, patterns, search text, and auto in four powerful ways.

Step 3: Select the items you want to Redact- After choosing the search type, select the data you want to redact. For example, if you want to redact a name, select the name and hit the redaction button.

Step 4: Hit the save button- Once you have selected all the data you want to redact, hit the save button. Download your redacted document and use it. That's all!

As you can see, using the pdf redaction tool with four steps is simple.

Final Thoughts

You don't need technical skills to learn how to use the pdf redaction tool to redact information from a document – just a few clicks with the right tool. However, selecting tools that meet your needs is important, with many tools available for redacting information.

Redactable is the greatest online redaction tool to utilize for several reasons, including:

First, it is really easy to use and user-friendly. Its extensive feature set makes it the most flexible redaction tool. Finally, monthly costs beginning at around $49 are very inexpensive.

If you seek the strongest online redaction tool, Redactable is the way to go.

Use Redactable if you want high-quality redaction. For price information, click here. And signup now.

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