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Need A Complete Program to Redact PDF Documents? Explore Here


What’s Redactable?

Based in Broadway Street in the heart of New York City, New York, Redactable is a cloud-based data redaction software developed by C.E.O. and Founder, Amanda Levay to streamline the process of Redaction and ensure complete data-security.

As a former loan consultant, I would get tons of confidential documents sent to me for due diligence packages. I constantly managed documents such as client tax returns, social security numbers, account information, appraisals, and inspection reports. I soon found out that drawing boxes over sensitive data didn’t work. Convinced there was a better way to redact documents, I started Redactable." 

 - Amanda Levay, Founder and C.E.O.

One Program to redact all your PDF documents:

Redactable allows for the saving of both time and resources by offering Complete auto-redaction. Our A.I. technology is powered by years of research and development in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to bring you a software that precisely lists every bit of your sensitive data to be redacted at once.

One-click and redact all your documents successfully and permanently.  Check out this short video introducing you to Redactable

“[Redactable] is easy to use, even for non-technical users. The company makes it easy to create simple queries that will analyze the data and provide the user with the information they need.” 


We are proud of our prowess and service in the field and serve companies like CFV Ventures, Stoney Lonesome Group and Hustle Fund.

What You Need to Know About Redaction

Before we start, let's get caught up with what exactly Redaction is and where we see it. 

What is Redaction? 

Redaction is the process of deleting sensitive and confidential information from a document in order to protect the concerned party's data. If you've seen confidential or legal file props on T.V. shows or Movies - often a black-streaked document or confidentially-marked file held by an exaggerate government official or attorney- you've already been introduced to the field of redaction!

Though today, with the spread of mass data, the process has trickled down into our everyday lives.

What do we Redact?

From hospital bills to tax forms, Personally Identifiable Information (P.I.I.) is widely present and easily accessible. Names, Bank Accounts, Social Security Numbers are only a few examples of P.I.I. 

You can see the personal and sensitive nature of such information must be protected as its unconsented misuse could be fatal for users. 

Automation: Redaction and the Introduction of A.I.


“I recommend both large and small organizations begin assessing their document-intensive processes to ascertain where and how AI and intelligent document solutions can create new value for their businesses by redesigning, optimizing and automating workflows."

Eugene Xiong, Council Member, Forbes

Automation has introduced a number of helpful tools that have alleviated the process of redaction for millions. 

Evolving from printing and marking out documents with a marker only to scan it back again, Redaction has come a long way by being, for users today, a matter of searching and selecting data in their electronic documents or having a software ease the process for them by providing a list of recognised Patterns of P.I.I. such as Credit Cards, Social Security numbers, Addresses…etc.

Let's see the Benefits of Automated Redaction:

  • Efficiency: Save time, man-power and money by assigning your redaction process to an A.I.-driven redaction tool that highlights your redaction needs in minutes.
  • Accuracy: The fields of machine learning and Natural Language Processing has lent A.I.-redaction to be highly accurate and can circumvent human-error.
  • Security: Permanent data deletion wherever the document file is present can be easily enacted with a few clicks. Manual efforts of previous years used to be a workload in itself often causing human-error.

When to Redact?

Data-Sanitization should be practiced whenever and wherever applicable. However, keep the following five stages where data can be successfully redacted in your tool-belt, it'll help enclose your sensitive information and prevent data-theft:

  1. Upon Receiving Data
  2. Upon Completing Task 
  3. Before the Distribution of the Data
  4. Before Data Archiving
  5. Before Data Disposal

What Software Do You Need?

“The journey toward intelligent documents and AI-driven PDF workflows can be a significant undertaking, depending on the underlying complexity of the processes your organization is seeking to automate. Yet, the benefits of cost-efficiency, business productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue generation are too important to ignore”


Capable and Secure. 

The whole intent of redaction is to protect user information. Having secure and trusted software, therefore, becomes of paramount importance. Harmful and unestablished software are the source of innumerable data-leaks and compromise of end-user data.

From telemarketers to bank account hackers, data-theft is prevalent and requires data-protection to counteract. Therefore, a software that recognises all facets of data leaks while being trusted and recognized itself, is your dual-sword for combating data-theft in our world today.

Why Redactable?

“Redactable is a reliable solution that companies can be confident using."

Redactable fully recognizes all characteristics of data vulnerability. With a trusted clientele list, we strive to provide quality service to all our new and existing customers. Ranging from Legal, Government to Real-Estate and Individual needs, Redactable funnels all requirements into one software. By completely removing all layers of sensitive data in the click of a button, prowess meets trust to give you a one-stop solution to streamline the Redaction process for all.

What Do We Remove?


We employ machine learning to scrub every layer of your document to ensure classified data is permanently deleted.

  1. Sensitive Data: The foremost layer of sensitive information in your document: P.I.I. 
  2. Metadata: Metadata is "data that provides information about other data",[1] but not the specific content.  Think of it like your parking spot. Though the numeral following an alphabet does not directly indicate anything apart from a location within the parking garage, it CAN be used to deduce certain accuracies of your life  like  the size and purpose of your vehicle, where you live, your relative income, the size…etc. Redactable eliminates any secondary-data.
  3. Hidden Document Elements: Remove all trailing data-elements that are present in the source-code. We wipe out all scope for your data being compromised. 

How Does It Work?

4 Easy Steps to Redact with Redactable: 

  1. Upload your PDF document.

  1. Choose from Search and Select, Patterns or One-click auto-redaction and let the Wizard identify all sensitive information, data and meta-data in your document.


  1. Hit Redact and Voila your document has been cleansed of all traces of your sensitive information.

  1. Preview and Download your completely redacted document!

Our Redaction Certificates are given with every session logging the time and author of each redaction, along with Document History that retains all versions of your redactions for you to revisit at your convenience. 

Redaction has never been so easy!


  • One-Click Redaction: Defining Second Generation Auto-Redaction Technology Our A.I. backed by years of research in bot Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) fields have allowed us to develop a software on the brink of sentiment analysis, identifying gray areas beyond providing just Patterns or a user- intensive Search and Select. Complete auto-redaction is the new standard we proudly provide. Redact in one click, securely. No headache and no hassle.
  • Collaboration: An industry-first collaboration feature streamlines workflow inviting teams to solve document redactions quickly and collaboratively. Annotations and Redaction History detail authors and time-stamps for each redaction. 
  • Permeance: Scrubs all levels of data and meta-data extinguishing any threats for sensitive data leak.
  • Cloud-based: Requires no download and no scope for virus introduction and data threats to your system.
  • The Document History allows you to look back at each version of your project's redactions, allowing you to jump to a specific point of redaction at any time. 



The platform leverages Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to auto-detect confidential information in a document and redacts it fast.

  • Redact in four-easy-steps, being guided by our Redaction Wizard from start to finish.
  • Choose from a number of tools including Draw Over, Search and Select, Patterns, and Complete auto-redaction!
  • Collaborate and Invite other seat holders to work on projects together, while we detail each time and author of redactions, easing the process of redaction for big teams.
  • Ease editing with Document History to Job Management.
  • Redaction logs are generated automatically and encrypted delivered to you
  • Import and Export documents via two-way sync to third-party programs like Box or Dropbox. 

Authentication & Regulatory Compliance

  • Permanently Redact: Scrapes all Data, Meta-data and Hidden Document Elements to provide secure and effective redaction.
  • Redaction Certificates: detail time and author of every redaction providing a log for regulatory purposes.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with GDPR and HIPPA, so you never have to worry about compliance issues.

Check out our Privacy Policy to ensure your data is secure & protected.


"By delivering secure redaction, metadata removal, and collaboration tools, Redactable is the gold standard in redaction software."

With the process becoming an ever-growing presence not only for government offices and legal teams, but also for industries such as real estate, healthcare and finance.

Individuals and businesses today need a swift and easy-to-use redaction tool to take care of all their Redaction needs while having the technology to protect against all scopes of data-threats.

"Redactable is a reliable solution that companies can be confident using. Rather than masked redactions that can be hacked or removed, the platform provides permanent redaction…Redactable, you can feel safe and confident because the system redacts sensitive information permanently."

By providing a state-of-the-art A.I. technology backed by our years of research in sentiment analysis in the fields of Natural Language Processing (N.L.P.) and Optical Character Recognition (O.C.R.) We hope to serve a new line of professionalism and data-protection. 

We have developed One Software that takes care of ALL of your data-security and Redaction needs and provides a viable solution alleviating the niche of redaction for all. We supply diligent and premium service and are open to everyone. Let us Serve You and join the Redactable family!

Redactable. Exclusively for Everyone.

Click below to contact us through various channels: 


Founded by Amanda Levay
447 Broadway, 2nd FL New York, New York 10013

Recognition & Awards: 

Further Reading: 

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